Double standards (2)

OK, so we all know that the Justin Trudeau regime decided that any group that did not share the Liberal Party‘s official position on abortion rights ~ which are not in the Charter, by the way ~ could not receive government grants for summer youth employment projects, like feeding the poor. We were not surprised, however, when a group that vehemently opposes the government approved Trans Mountain pipeline project was given a grant.

For the record:

  • I share the Liberal Party‘s position on abortion rights. I believe that our fundamental right to privacy means that the decision to abort a fetus that is not viable out of the womb is solely the pregnant woman’s to make. I’m dreadfully sorry for would-be fathers who “lose” a prospective child but some rights, like privacy, property, liberty and life, are, indeed, fundamental; and
  • I agree with the prime minister that a group, like Dogwood, in BC, that got a summer job grant to hire a student to help organize anti-pipeline projects is, indeed, about freedom of speech.

But this story in the Toronto Sun ~ Candice Malcom, again, a reporter whose suspicion of the prime minister and the Trudeau Liberals is well known ~ raises the issue of Liberal hypocrisy and double standards, yet again. It is, it appears, OK to give grants to anti-Semitic and misogynist Islamic groups because, I guess, the political calculus is that the Imans will tell the faithful to vote Liberal, but it’s not OK to give a grant to e.g. The Mustard Seed Street Ministry which ministers to the poor and homeless in Alberta because, I suppose, its adherents are most likely to vote Conservative. What happened to feminism? What happened to traditional Liberal Party concern for the poor? What happened to simple honesty? What happened to Liberal values which used to include a firm commitment against anti-Semitism?

trudeauThe answer, I can only surmise, is that Justin Trudeau and his team Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 08.44.30sold out e.g. the Jews, and the feminists and the generous and the honest in exchange for a few easy votes, ones Team Trudeau already likely “owns,” in Ontario and Quebec in 2019. I hope that Jews and women and traditional Liberals will remember …

Given the ongoing social media reaction during the day it seems very possible that this could be another nail in Justin  Trudeau’s coffin.

One thought on “Double standards (2)

  1. Thank you for your perspective. Sober, forthright and balanced. I get caught up in the hype sometimes and appreciate the gentle nudge to stay objective. 👍

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