Double standards

Remember when Prime Minister Stephen Harper was accused of muzzling Canadian government scientists? Well, there was some truth in that … it wasn’t Prime Minister Harper, exactly, it was, according to Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault, just that “In one case, a government scientist was ordered to get permission from the Minister of Natural Resources before he could talk to reporters about a flood that happened 13,000 years ago, even though his research had just been published in the journal Nature … [and] … In another example, it took 11 government employees and 50 emails to decide how to answer a reporter’s request to interview a Canadian government scientist who was part of a NASA team studying regional snowfall patterns.” That’s shocking! But to make matters worse, “In another case, an assistant deputy minister and other government officials crafted answers to a reporter’s inquiry about published research on an ozone hole. The reporter was told to attribute the written responses to the scientist. Later, documents obtained under access to information revealed the scientist saying he hadn’t submitted any responses.

In other words senior officials decided, no doubt with the full approval of the Harper government, to make scientists obey the long standing and well establish rules about speaking to the media … even about things that might have happened 13,000 years ago. Work, including scientific research, that is done by government scientists on the taxpayers’ payroll belongs to the government and it ~ senior officials of the government ~ not individual scientists may decide how that information is used. Nothing much has changed, it seems, because according to the CBC (second linked article from this year, March 2018) “Meanwhile, some federal scientists say they still feel muzzled by the current government … [because] … More than half of the 3,000 scientists who answered a survey last year [2017] said they did not feel they could “speak freely and without constraints to the media about work I do at my department/agency.” The survey was conducted by the union representing more than 15,000 federal scientists.

That seems to have gone unreported or, at least, underreported, but, “Harper muzzles scientists,” received massive media attention.

Now, it seems that another group of federal employees also feels “muzzled,” but this time exclusively by the Trudeau government. According to a story by Candice Malcolm in the Toronto Sun, “Border guards assigned to keep Canada safe are blowing the whistle on the Trudeau government …[and] … CBSA officials are being “muzzled” and the Trudeau government is not properly enforcing the law, according to a CBSA official who reached out to the Toronto Sun for an exclusive interview … [further] … “This government is making it up as they go along,” said the irritated CBSA officer, who asked to remain anonymous because, in his words, “we are muzzled” … [but, he said] … “I can tell you that the rank and file cadre has had it ‘up to here’ as with the rest of the growing number of frustrated Canadians out there.”

images (1)The bulk of Ms Malcolm’s story deals with the fact that the Trudeau government has, quite simply, lost control of the Canadian border. They have even despatched Canadian Border Service Agency teams to non-border crossing points, where the RCMP should be the sole authority, to try to manage the growing flow of illegal migrants. Team Trudeau seems terrified of offending whoever it road-to-canadais that seems to demand that undocumented, illegal migrants be treated with kid gloves, rather than being unceremoniously kicked back across the border as they would be in almost any other country in the world. As far as I can tell, DcEOZs7U0AAISkpfrom a very unscientific sample, most “new Canadians,” those who waited, patiently, in the legal immigration queue for months, often years, for a visa, are vehemently opposed to Team Trudeau‘s mollycoddling of the queue jumpers. So too, it seems to me, are most native born Canadians. Who supports this “policy,” if it can be called that? The Laurentian Elites, I guess.

This is, actually, a far more serious matter than trying to control the flow of information being provided, “free lance,” by a few public service scientists. This directly effects the security of Canada and the safety of Canadians. We screen immigrants carefully, we even screen refugees, albeit with less care. But now, just because Justin Trudeau is afraid to offend someone we let unscreened migrants wander around freely. If they must be allowed into Canada they need to be held in guarded camps until almost all of them ~ because none are likely to adequate grounds to be here ~ can be sent back to the USA, which is a safe country. If Team Trudeau is, indeed, muzzling CBSA members ~ and that remains to be proven ~ then it smells like a coverup: they know they are doing the wrong things and they hope they can keep us from finding out.

Who is “they?”

Ralph-Goodalehttps_s3.amazonaws.comaion-mediacanpr211-22-17ajw115439065The they who are covering up, if, indeed, there is some sort of coverup, are: Prime Minister Trudeau, of course, it’s his government; Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale who oversees both the CBSA and the RCMP. And, of course, “they” would always include Gerald Butts and Katie telford from the PMO.

I am in favour of increasing our immigration levels … just as soon as we grow up and act Trudeau_tweetlike a real country and secure our own borders. But it appears to me that rather than acting to fix a problem that Prime Minister Trudeau himself helped to create, his government is just trying to “change the channel” by muzzling the Canadian Border Service Agency members who only want to do their proper, legal jobs.

But, of course, only Conservatives, led, valiantly, on this issue by Michell Rempel, and those in the conservative media, like Ms Malcolm, will see this for what it is: a double standard being used to continue to vilify Stephen Harper while it tries to conceal the fact that Justin Trudeau has failed Canada … again.

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