The energy-environment concundrum

Campbell Clark, writing in the Globe and Mail, explained, a few days ago, before Finance Minister Morneau’s announcement that Canada would, effectively, nationalize the Trans Mountain Extension (TMX) project, the potential high risks and scant rewards of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s energy+environment political strategy. “Two years ago,” he explained “Mr. Trudeau hammered out a “pan-Canadian”Continue reading “The energy-environment concundrum”

Doing the least wrong thing for all the wrong reasons

So, it appears that the the Trudeau regime is going to be forced into some sort of Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme in order to complete the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion (TMX) project. According to a report in the Globe and Mail, “The Trudeau government is buying the Trans Mountain expansion project from Kinder MorganContinue reading “Doing the least wrong thing for all the wrong reasons”

Foreign and defence policy problems

Two things caught my eye: The first is a book chapter by Professor Roland Paris of the University of Ottawa, who was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Senior Advisor on Global Affairs and Defence in 2015 and ’16, entitled ‘The Promise and Perils of Justin Trudeau’s Foreign Policy‘ which will be published this year; and TheContinue reading “Foreign and defence policy problems”


I have talked about CANZUK, a notion promulgated about two years ago by Dr Andrew Lilico in England, several times since the summer of 2016. My attention comes back to it because I see, in an article in Foreign Affairs, that some African countries are embarking on a “freedom of movement” regime because “the free movementContinue reading “CANZUK +”

Liberals and bell curves

Remember, a few years ago, when we all read about “The secret plot to destroy the Liberals“? Except it wasn’t all that secret; the conventional wisdom was that Stephen Harper wanted something akin to the UK or US two party system wherein a solidly left wing NDP would compete, head to head, with a solidlyContinue reading “Liberals and bell curves”

Refugees and the wrong Canada

Lloyd Axworthy and Paul Heinbecker, both of whom have extensive experience representing Canada in world affairs, both of who are almost rabid “fans” of the United Nations, and both of who are nearly charter members of the Laurentian Elites, have penned a thoughtful article in the Globe and Mail which is headlined: “Canada should takeContinue reading “Refugees and the wrong Canada”

Let’s have our own Veterans’ Day

Every years, in early November I get angry at society at large but especially at good-willed but unfailingly ignorant politicians and the media and, especially, at the Royal Canadian Legion because they all want to transform a simple Act of Remembrance into a tribute to veterans. “It’s not about the bloody vets, you blithering bloodyContinue reading “Let’s have our own Veterans’ Day”

Just not ready?

Back in early June of 2016 the Prime Minister Trudeau said that the F-35 Lightning II is “a plane that “does not work.” Well, this week, Defence News reported that “Lockheed Martin’s F-35 has seen combat for the first time … [and] … The Israel Defense Forces announced on its Twitter account that the IsraeliContinue reading “Just not ready?”

Some truth, at last

The Daily Mail reports that “The missile that brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 nearly four years ago was fired by a Russian military unit, investigators declared today.” This probably isn’t much of a surprise to anyone except a tiny handful of people who still believe the Moscow party line on almost anything. “Flight MH17 wasContinue reading “Some truth, at last”