Floating security guards?

Robert Smol, a retired Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch officer, writing in iPolitics, takes aim at Canada’s new Harry DeWolf class of Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS), the first of which is almost ready to enter the water. “Unlike NATO and allied ships of comparable size and function,” he says, “Canada’s AOPS will not be armed with the standardContinue reading “Floating security guards?”

Have Conservatives lost the plot?

I see in a report in the Huffington Post (which, by the way, I do NOT regard as a highly reliable source) that “The Indian High Commission says a story being used by Conservatives to attack the federal government over the Jaspal Atwal affair is false … [and] … International media reports claimed a bilateral meetingContinue reading “Have Conservatives lost the plot?”

The wrong answer

As much as I really want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to succeed, for Canada’s sake, in getting the Kinder Morgan/Trans Mountain pipeline pushed through to completion, I believe that he has picked the wrong way to try … First, I believe that he needed to find some way to give Premier Horgan a graceful wayContinue reading “The wrong answer”

On the rocks?

David Pugliese, the defence reporter for the PostMedia chain of newspapers, reports, in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix that “Canada’s quest for a new fleet of warships is off to a rocky start with all bidders failing to meet some of the federal government’s requirements …[and] … Procurement officials are now trying to regroup on the $60Continue reading “On the rocks?”

Thanks, again

It’s time, again, to thank the tens of thousands of visitors from over 130 countries, international groupings (like the EU) and territories (like Guernsey, Hong Kong and Jersey)  who have visited my blog over the past year. You came from Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium,Continue reading “Thanks, again”

Advantage: children

I said, just the other day that “there might be an “up side” for Canada … China still needs stuff and we produce a lot of what it needs ~ our prices may be a bit higher than what the Americans were charging but after tit-for-tat tariffs are applied by China we are quite likely to be competitive. InternationalContinue reading “Advantage: children”

One simple question

Yesterday I guessed ~ and it is just an educated guess ~ that Canada needs: 30+ warships of various types and sizes; About 27,500 soldiers in Army field (combat and support) units; and More than the 260± aircraft (of all types, including training aircraft) in the RCAF’s current inventory. Canada has, right now: The RoyalContinue reading “One simple question”

Doing the right things

Yesterday I talked about four strategic priorities that should guide Canada’s defence policies through to about 2050. They are: Containing and reducing threats to global peace and security by helping to maintain alliances like NATO and  groupings like AUSCANNZUKUS and supporting global peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts, even the generally worthless United Nations efforts; Confronting currentContinue reading “Doing the right things”

Just a little leadership might go a long way right now

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flees Canada heads off on another foreign trip which, we, Canadians, must all hope, will be less contentious than China and India, the media is seized with a different issue: the struggle between Alberta and BC and BC and the federal government over Kinder Morgan’s Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion. In an opinionContinue reading “Just a little leadership might go a long way right now”