The Good, Grey Globe gets it …

globe_and_mail-sq… in an editorial, the Globe and Mail says that “Kinder Morgan’s announcement that it is suspending all non-essential spending on the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline is nothing short of an economic and constitutional disaster for Canada … [because] … It was and still is critically important that this pipeline expansion go forward, and not just because it will finally give Alberta’s landlocked oil producers a safe way to transport their crude and refined petroleum products to tidewater and then on to foreign markets by tanker.

The Justin Trudeau gong show government has failed Canada again.

It is,” the Globe and Mail reminds us “the federal government’s constitutional right to approve the transport of energy resources across provincial borders, which it did in the case of Trans Mountain after the National Energy Board carried out a proper review of the project … [and] … Ottawa can’t allow a provincial government to usurp its authority, as the British Columbia government is attempting to do by carrying out a guerrilla war against Trans Mountain. The NDP government has repeatedly thrown invented roadblocks in the path of Kinder Morgan, bringing us to where we are today.”

Canada_2015_Federal_Election.svgIt is, of course, difficult for  Team Trudeau to get tough with a province in which it won 17 (of 42) seats and favour one in which it was damned lucky to win just 4 (of 34), especially when the green movement is so powerful in BC and even more so when First Nations are “off-side” because they want bigger and Bigger and BIGGER shares of the profits.

But it’s worse than that, the Good, Grey Globe‘s editorial writers say: “Even more egregious is the B.C. government’s naked hypocrisy. Since taking power last summer, it has used its stated desire to protect the environment as a reason for delaying Trans Mountain. At the same time, however, it is supporting the development of the province’s natural-gas reserves, offering tax breaks to a $40-billion project that includes, wait for it, a new pipeline and a new tanker terminal on the B.C. coast … [thus] … The message is clear: British Columbia will develop its lucrative fossil-fuel resources while stonewalling Alberta’s in the name of the environment. And it will do it while ignoring the Constitution.

The Globe and Mail‘s editorial concludes, and I agree, fully, that “The federal government cannot let this stand. It must use whatever tools it has, courts included, to re-establish its jurisdiction and get Trans Mountain back on track …[because] … To do otherwise threatens the basic tenets of confederation. A province cannot use underhanded tactics to effectively seize control of the development of this country’s resources. And it especially cannot do it in the name of environmental principles it only adheres to when it is in its political interest, but abandons when it sees a dollar in it.

Canadians should be suspicious of the Trudeau governments claim that it supports getting prairie oil to tidewater … it’s relative inaction on Kinder Morgan (Prime Minister Trudeau did not even meet with BC Premier last week while he was in the province for a elizabeth-mayLiberal fund raiser) and its regulatory sabotage of the Energy East pipeline should tell Canadians all we really need to know: he is in thrall to the green children’s crusade and he hasn’t the courage to face down premiers and First Nations chiefs who challenge him on fake legal and constitutional grounds. Premier Horgan understands Prime Minister Trudeau’s motives and fears and he, and some First Nations chiefs are playing him like a violin.

07472724This is not just about BC or First Nations; Prime Minister Trudeau sold out Canada first when he bowed to the demands of Liberal heavyweight and former Montreal mayor Denis Coderre and put his own partisan and personal  political interests ahead of the interests of most Canadians. The simple fact is that Justin Trudeau is a weak man who leads an inept government and he has been, is being and can be played for a fool.

Canada deserves better …

Canada has the worlds third largest oil reserves. Canada is, also, a major, per capita ms10-02-crdl-engconsumer of energy. We use it for transportation over vast distances and to heat our homes in a cold climate. Changing our habits and using new technology to live better while burning less carbon is a good, valid, solid, strategic aim, but we should aim to make the best use of the resources we have and we can meet pretty much all of our own petroleum needs AND export the surplus to America and the world IF we have the right energy infrastructure, which includes refineries and pipelines. We don’t need to buy oil from the war torn Middle East and from corrupt African nations when we can produce more than enough to meet our domestic consumption and export market needs.

The next, Conservative government of Canada needs to promise that:

  1. It will use every legal, constitutional, regulatory and fiscal tool at its disposal, even armed force if or when that is appropriate, to enforce its constitutional right and Big_refraf1-engduty to approve and implement the means necessary to move Canadian resources across provincial territory;
  2. It will aim to move prairie oil and gas to tidewater on both the West and East coasts;
  3. It will aim to see Canadian oil used by Canadian refineries … all across Canada; and
  4. It will carefully, impartially and scientifically weigh and balance the needs and desires of all Canadians in the exploitation, transport and use of petroleum.


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