Lies, broken promises and foreign influence

stewart-phillip-2imagesI happen to think that Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, environmentalist and broadcaster David Suzuki and former Ottawa mandarin Harry Swain are all all wrong on the issues of pipelines, Site C and LNG ports, but I think they are all all right on one issue: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a liar, not just any liar but, as Grand Chief Phillip says “a serial liar,” who will tell any lie, break any promise, make any excuse in his mindless pursuit of power.

Just moments ago I posted about the Trudeau Liberals’ failure to secure our borders.  It, along with failures or dithering on the environment, pipelines, peacekeeping, democratic reform, deficits and drugs make one wonder what interests this government might be serving.

Now, the iPolitics article by Michael Harris, linked above, is over a year old, but I doubt butts_1-300x200that much has changed. Prime Minister Trudeau continues to lie because, I suspect, he doesn’t really know what the truth might be … he’s not strong on policy. He is, in my opinion, a nice, pleasant, but all-in-all quite vacuous man who is, in reality, a puppet in the hands of the Liberal campaign team. They, his backers, DYbjMcWW0AAIhDFincluding the Liberal Party of Canada, the Laurentian Elites and the shadowy American foundations that fund many of the so called “independent” (but mainly anti-Conservative) advocacy groups here in Canada, are the ones telling the lies and breaking the promises that they had no intention of keeping in the first place. Their goal, I suspect, is to protect US petroleum and coal interests by making it harder and harder for Canadian oil to be sold to anyone but Americans at below world market prices.



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