Immigration, again

Michelle Rempel is telling Canadians, on YouTube that “the number of people who michelle-rempelhave illegally crossed into Canada from the United States in January and February of 2018 is over 3,000 people.” I trust her numbers because the latest published news report I can find is from Global News in late February and it said “According to figures released this week by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 1,517 people were stopped by the police as they crossed between legal checkpoints during what is typically Canada’s coldest month — January.” That makes 3,000 “irregular” crossings in January and February very believable.

Ms Rempel says, and I agree, that “It’s very clear that the Trudeau government has done absolutely nothing and is doing absolutely nothing to stop this flow.” That’s negligence on the part of part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and it’s negligence that verges on being downright criminal.

The plain and simple fact is that one of the most basic tasks of government is public safety, and, in my opinion, a steady stream of “irregular,” undocumented people entering the country illegally means that this sad excuse for a government is playing fast and loose with the safety of Canadians because it lacks either (perhaps both) the guts or the brains to be effective … now I know that Minister Goodale is a smart person so someone, at least, must know that the Trudeau regime is failing and I can only assume that it is failing because, either:

  • Prime Minister Trudeau and Immigration Minister Hassen are too intellectually feeble to understand the problem; or, more likely
  • The Trudeau regime is trying to court the “new Canadian” vote by being soft on illegal immigrants on the (false) premise that all new Canadians want unrestricted immigration; or, most likely
  • Team Trudeau is very carefully focused on a couple of “communities,” Haitians and Muslims, and doesn’t want to do anything that might upset either.

It might be good, Liberal politics but it is bad, Bad, BAD policy.

It’s no secret, I think, that I favour more immigration … a bigger but still well-controlled inflow of the sorts of people (and their spouses and kids and parents, too) who will help us to build a more prosperous and more productive* Canada. I would like to see (I will not be around, but my grandchildren will be) a Canada with a population of 100 Million when the next century dawns. This new Canada will look a lot less like me and the old fellow on the left and more like the young lady on the right …


… younger, better educated, more skilled, more diverse and, ever so slightly, fiscally conservative, as hard working, middle class people so often are.

We need to remember three things:

  • First, we are in competition with e.g. Australia and the United States for the sorts of immigrants that we (and they) want;
  • Second, we do not do any favours for e.g. Ghana and Mali when we take away their “best and brightest” young people, their future leaders ~ our immigration policies can have unwelcome, downstream consequences for us if (when), by robbing countries of their future leaders, we help to create failed states overseas and then have to send our soldiers to fight and die to make things better; and
  • Third, therefore, we need to recruit the most desirable immigrants from countries like China, India and the Philippines that have ~
    • A surplus of well educated, sophisticated, ambitious and hard-working people, and
    • A track record of successfully integrating into (and changing) Canadian society.

It’s a tricky policy to enunciate and follow. Our hearts say that these children are in need of our help ~ we should bring them to Canada and give them a new life …


… but our heads should tell us that while they do need our help the best ways to help them are a) to use our diplomatic, political and military muscle to resolve the situations that forced them to seek refuge elsewhere in the first place and b) make life better for them in their camps, closer to their homes.

Our heads should also tell us that these children …


… while needing far less immediate help, are much more likely to be better candidates for immigration to Canada in ten or 15 years.


* A larger population will make us more productive by allowing us to achieve economies of scale to make up for the problems we face in geography: too few people scattered across too much land.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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