OK, now I am outraged … as Cromwell was

I have, in the past, been able to restrain my outrage at the nonsense that sometimes comes out of Ottawa, but not this time. CBC News reports that “Conservatives are forcing MPs to stay up all night voting continuously on more than 250 motions — a filibuster launched in retaliation for the Liberals voting downContinue reading “OK, now I am outraged … as Cromwell was”

This will not end well

According to Daniel Leblanc, writing in the Globe and Mail, “Ottawa is set to launch pan-Canadian consultations on racism, a topic that has stirred controversy and divisions across the country in recent months.” Oh, oh, I fear that this is not going to end well … Mr Leblanc points out that “The exact form andContinue reading “This will not end well”

Another thing would-be leaders must remember

Nehru is not one of my political heroes, but he was a great leader in turbulent times and a man of high moral principles … albeit married to a decidedly dismal knowledge of economics. But he was exactly right on this issue: being moral takes work. I suspect that we, humans, regardless of race orContinue reading “Another thing would-be leaders must remember”

Cambridge Analytica and Information Warfare

OK, so the big news, this week, and news with a Canadian connection is that Facebook has banned Cambridge Analytica, and now, in turn, Facebook, which lost 5.3% of its share value in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica revelations, is being investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission over its (Facebook‘s) use of personal data. Pictured aboveContinue reading “Cambridge Analytica and Information Warfare”

Canadian mission to Mali

Some details (and even more speculation) are starting to emerge about the forthcoming mission ~ an aviation task force ~ to Mali. The real, hard news, in a Globe and Mail report, is that: “Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said the military is already doing the necessary reconnaissance for the 12-month mission. It is preparing theContinue reading “Canadian mission to Mali”

An important reminder

Emory Upton was an important driver of American military thinking in the 19th century and into the 20th, too. From innovations in battle (the attack on entrenched positions at the Spotsylvania Court House in 1864) to, more significantly, his books and, above all, a report, which was still incomplete when he died, entitled “The MilitaryContinue reading “An important reminder”

Another (Russian) threat

There is an interesting (and a bit frightening) article in the Ottawa Citizen, reprinted from Bloomberg News, headlined: “Russian cyber hackers are attacking U.S. energy grid and manufacturing sectors, FBI warns.” “Russian hackers are conducting a broad assault on the U.S. electric grid, water processing plants, air transportation facilities and other targets ” the Bloomberg report says,Continue reading “Another (Russian) threat”