This will not end well

According to Daniel Leblanc, writing in the Globe and Mail, “Ottawa is set to launch pan-Canadian consultations on racism, a topic that has stirred controversy and divisions across the country in recent months.” Oh, oh, I fear that this is not going to end well …

Mr Leblanc points out that “The exact form and nature of the consultations is still being developed in the Department of Canadian Heritage … [that’s Melanie Joly’s department, you know ~ the minister who ordered the multi-million dollar skating rink on Parliament Hill … but] … the government said it wants to create a new strategy to counter “systemic racism” and religious discrimination.

I have a suggestion: face facts … while Aboriginal, Black and Muslim Canadians all feel that they face the most discrimination, the fact is that the “Top hate crimes are still against Jewish Canadians. It is something that Liberals and progressives hate to admit, but it is, none the less, true. I know that many Aboriginal, Black and Muslim Canadians do suffer from various forms of (often violent) discrimination … so do Asian Canadians and so, of course, more often than most others, do Jews. Are we going to have a national download17499319_1663883983921126_5370104598812431036_nconversation about how to combat anti-Semitism? Somehow, I rather doubt that is what Ms Joly and/or backbench Liberal MP Iqra Khalid want to accomplish. This government’s focus, it seems to me, is to try to confirm that one group, white, Anglo-Saxon/Euro-Canadian males, have too much entrenched privilege and that other groups, but not including Jews, need some positive discrimination to achieve equality. Maybe I’m reading too much into it … but I think not …


… I suspect this is a fake quote, but I also believe it is a fair representation of current, early 21st century, progressive Canadian (Laurentian Elites) values. It is very consistent with Justin Trudeau’s (verified) quote about Canada having no “core identity” and his (also verified) musings about being somewhat envious of immigrants because they chose Canada rather than being born here. It is another manifestation of “white guilt” which is something akin to the strange phenomenon of the self loathing Jew.

I believe that, back a few years, around the turn of the century, many Liberals were shocked and dismayed at the inroads that Conservatives had made into what had been 220px-Mila_Mulroney_croppedreliably Liberal voting blocks … it began with the Jews, but actually, in some respects it began before that ~ when Brian Mulroney, aided in this by, in particular, his wife Mila, began to remind “ethnic” Canadians that Conservatives shared many of their values. But it began, in earnest, when Stephen Harper, as a matter of principle, offered nearly unconditional support to Israel. He was criticized, and with some good reason, I think, for being unconditional … Israel is not 100% right 100% of the time, after all. But the policy paid political dividends at home. The Jewish vote, which was crucial in a few ridings in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg, shifted away from the Liberals and went Conservative. Then Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney went all out to court the Asian vote. The Muslim Canadian vote was, in many respects, lost to the CPC because of its unstinting support for Israel, but many Muslim Canadians still liked the Harper government’s fiscal and social policies.

The Liberals saw an opening in “ethnic Canada” when the Conservatives played (misplayed, in my opinion) the 1351824783_4541100854001_vs-5615af35e4b03acd1ef29fb7-672293881001barbaric cultural practices” card … it was seen as being a step too far and many Canadians were horrified at the notion that the Conservatives were doing “dog whistle politics” and trying to make this a “Us vs them” election. “Ethnic” Canadians, who had voted Conservative in 2011, stayed home or, especially in the case of Muslim Canadians,  voted Liberal. But actively courting the Muslim vote worried some people … after 9/11 suspicion of Muslims in general began to rise, sharply, and many Muslim clerics and self-appointed spokespeople and the “Muslim street,” itself, which has spread into Europe and North America and Australia and so on, didn’t help …


… many Canadians, not just Jewish Canadians, began to look at Islam as being too “different,” too demanding of special treatment, and too aggressive in wanting to infringe upon the rights of others and impose its values on society at large. But criticism of some Islamic doctrines and some Islamic preachers and some islamic actions are all lumped together, with actual “hate crimes” ~ which do occur ~ into something called Islamophobia which our political leaders refuse to define.

Then came, in short order, a) the promise to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to Canada, and then the b) Khadr payout, and then c) violent protests over Liberal proposals to single out Islamophobia as a problem and that all meant that Justin Trudeau’s government was perceived, by many, as having a pro-Islam bias which seemed, to imply, to some, that it is also anti-semitic …


… I, personally, do not believe that Prime Minister Trudeau is, in any way, anti-semitic. I suspect that he is, honestly, concerned about the rising tide of suspicion about Muslims in Canada and I also think he is genuinely concerned for the plight of refugees. But even the best of intentions do not always make for good policy and one might, and I do say that Prime Minister Trudeau’s unwillingness to make migrants obey our laws has made our national border a laughing stock …


… and, thus, the road to political and social hell may well be paved with Liberal good intentions.

Edward Luce, who has been a vocal critic of 21st century American policy, in general, and of President Trump’s assault on liberal democracy in America, in particular, is also worried about the rise of anti-semitism, it is what he calls, in the Financial Times, “the west’s largest taboo.” He explains that “In the 1930s, fascists railed against “rootless cosmopolitans”. Today’s version of the latter are “globalists”. Anti-Semitism channels hatred of modernity. The biggest spur to this in the US is the Donald Trump effect. According to the Anti-Defamation League, anti-Semitic incidents in America rose by nearly 60 per cent in 2017 — by far the largest jump since it began monitoring. Whether Mr Trump stokes it unwittingly is an open question. That he has had a big impact is undeniable. How else to explain a near doubling of anti-Semitic incidents in US schools in his first year in office? Children mimic grown-ups. Society takes its cues from leaders.” He might also consider that Canadians have a sad habit of mimicking the Americans on most social issues. But, he notes, with regard to President Trumps apparently pro-Israel decisions to move the US embassy, officially, to Jerusalem, “Mr Trump’s motive was to please his Christian evangelical voting base. More than eight in 10 evangelicals voted for Mr Trump, the highest share ever recorded. They did so for two reasons. First, he would nominate judges who pledged to reverse abortion rights. Second he would recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital. Many evangelicals believe the Day of Judgement can only happen once the Jewish Temple has been rebuilt. That means backing Israel’s hardliners to the hilt. Once that has happened, the Book of Revelations prophecy can be fulfilled. The righteous will be saved. The wicked, including the world’s Jews, will face eternal hellfire.” Thus, he suggests, even apparently pro-Israel policies might be rooted in anti-semitism.

I don’t know how much anti-semitism is on the rise in Canada … but I am convinced, none-is-too-many-1based on the evidence that I can find, that (reported) anti-semitism is increasing in Canada while anti-Islamic hate crimes are either stable or even decreasing in frequency. So, going back to the start … we do have a problem with racism in Canada, with all sorts of racism, but the big problem is still the one that has haunted us for decades: anti-semitism ~ which seems equally deeply rooted in the “old stock” Canadians who have been here for gdnerations and in many new Canadians, too. But our real problem is not what is actually happening it is what some progressives want to make happen. And some officials are worried that, as Daniel Leblanc says, “the forum could lead to acrimonious debates similar to last year’s controversy over a motion (M-103) to condemn Islamophobia across Canada. The motion, which did not affect existing legislation, was nonetheless roundly criticized in right-wing circles and conservative media as preventing any legitimate criticism of Islam.” The people leading this programme are likely going to try to appease selected groups in our society that have been “targeted” as being likely Liberal supporters. In the process it will, I fear, inflame tensions that already exist between some races and some religions in Canada … and that will not end well.

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