Another thing would-be leaders must remember


Nehru is not one of my political heroes, but he was a great leader in turbulent times and a man of high moral principles … albeit married to a decidedly dismal knowledge of economics.

But he was exactly right on this issue: being moral takes work. I suspect that we, humans, regardless of race or creed or gender, are amoral … I guess that we acquire “morals” from our families, from our neighbours, from our teachers, from clerics in pulpits and from authors and public figures … sometimes what we see and hear teaches us how to make moral choices and how to act morally, sometimes we see bad (immoral) examples and, one hopes, we can learn from them, too.

There have been immoral leaders …

… and equally, albeit perhaps less spectacularly, there were (and are) moral ones, too …

It is not just a political matter. Military leaders must be moral, too. I am bothered, personally, by the lack of reaction of the 100+ admirals and generals in the Canadian Forces to the malicious persecution of their colleague Vice Admiral Mark Norman by this Liberal government that will tolerate no dissent, of any kind, from its views. Now, perhaps, some will argue, every single admiral and general and commodore thinks that the government was acting properly, within its rights and duties … perhaps … except that I know for certain that at least two do not believe that. One was just shaking his head in sadness, but felt that his duty to his command was more important that fighting back because that would mean resigning. The other felt that while the government is, indeed, persecuting Admiral Norman and that it is the right of other officers to support him, from the sidelines, in his mind, senior officers must not take open, public anti-government positions. Both are technically correct … but, in fact, so, equally technically, were the men who gave Socrates his poison and who led Tyndale to the stake. I am saddened that about ¼ of those admirals and generals didn’t resign in January of 2017, I was even more saddened when, not even two weeks ago, the Mounties laid the trumped up, entirely politically motivated charges against Admiral Norman, that at least half of the military leadership didn’t resign. I understand that some, a few, might actually agree with the government, I also understand that a few more are, likely, just partisan Liberal toadies who will do anything the minister and PM want if they might currie some favour, but most, the overwhelming majority of admirals and generals and commodores and Navy captains and Army and Air Force colonels, too, know that Admiral Norman is being subjected to a more brutal form of SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) which is designed to shut down dissent … but, in this case, the Liberals couldn’t use a lawsuit so they used the RCMP and a crown prosecutor to do their political dirty work; they are quite shameless.

If you don’t think Admiral Norman’s confreres don’t know what is right then I invite you to scroll down the list of donors to a “Go Fund Me” campaign started by a retired senior officer: many of the 700+ donors are also retired admirals and generals and I am certain that some of the Anonymous donors are serving admirals and generals. They know that they and their colleagues are acting, at least, amorally, perhaps immorally and, sadly, even  in a cowardly manner.

< rant ends >

But, back tot he point, morals are neither ‘natural’ nor ‘easy.’ As Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said, being morally fit requires constant exercise … just the same as being physically fit.



2 thoughts on “Another thing would-be leaders must remember”

  1. Agreed 100%, one of the duties of a military leader must be to tell the truth to politicians and there has to be a reciprocal that the politicos allow the truth to be said, otherwise there goes the system into disarray.

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