Stay out of separatists’ beds or get out of national politics

I said, a few days ago, that “it’s no one’s business if someone, even a minister, is, privately, sympathetic to this that or the other position or cause; but Canadian have a right to expect that ministers are, always, putting Canada first and doing that requires that ministers are 100% behind Canada’s foreign policy which is that we do support India’s national unity and that we do support India’s right to deal with its own internal affairs. That means that no minister may ever, in any way, show any signs of support for, say, Khalistan independence ~ even if they may, privately, want that ~ but in every moment of their lives they must be scrupulously neutral if not downright pro-India. If a minister cannot be, 100%, behind Canada’;s position then she or he must resign from cabinet.” I was, specifically, thinking about the Sikh Canadian ministers in Prime Minister Trudeau’s cabinet but the same applies to would be or wannabe cabinet minister of prime ministers.

Which brings me to Jagmeet Singh who, according to an article in the Globe and Mail, attended a pro-Sikh independence rally in 2015 and, now, has difficulties in explaining his position.

The correct course of action is simple. I explained that, too, when I described how Jason Kenney dealt with the issue when it was sprung on him. Prime Minister Trudeau and his ministers and Jagmeet Singh and, indeed, Andrew Scheer and his team all need to study and follow Jason Kenney’s example.

We,Canadians, are all too familiar with the threat of violent separatism. We recall when French President Charles De Gaulle abused our hospitality in Montreal in 1967 … Prime Minister Lester B Pearson sent him packing without a thought. Consorting with Sikh separatists here in Canada is an unfriendly act and those who would aspire to be ministers and more must avoid it … or go back to petty, provincial, parish pump politics.

It is, of course, wholly acceptable for individual Canadians to support causes like Sikh separatism ~ we should wish that new Canadians would leave “old country” hatreds and divisions in the old country ~ by organizing, participating in or just attending e.g. a Khalsa Day parade are certainly not illegal or even improper … unless you are or aspire to be the Canada_Khalistan12_60838_730x419maxresdefaultleader of or minister in a Canadian national government; then it is highly improper and both Prime Minister Trudeau (in April 2017)* and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh (in 2015) displayed very, very bad political and policy judgment. If Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh want to get into bed separatists they need, first, to get out of national politics.


* Khalsa Day, as such, isn’t a problem but that particular Khalsa Day in Toronto, in April 2017, that celebrated Sikh separatists that was problematical and it was there and then that Prime Minister Trudeau should have followed Jason Kenney’s example.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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