Justin Trudeau, if this story from the normally Liberal friendly Star is correct, has just proved himself to be a bad mannered, immature, insufferable twit. “King Philippe and Queen Mathilde,” the Star reports, [and] “their delegation of 150 business leaders, academics and political leaders” arrived Sunday. “The Belgian delegation includes seven ministers, including Vice Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Didier Reynders, as well as representatives from the country’s three regions.

Look, I understand that:

… but the Canadian head of government should still meet a delegation with two royals and seven ministers.

Why is he not there?

No official word, of course, but we can conclude, I believe, that it is because he, personally, is an ill educated, ill mannered trust fund kid ~ a bloody twit ~  who doesn’t know any better, and his “team,” the PMO” is composed of social policy “activists” who neither know nor care about Canada and its interest in the world.

2 thoughts on “Twit

    1. I saw that too, and figured maybe someone needs to see some episodes of the fictional “Sheldon Cooper’s Flags of the World” from Big Bang Theory

      ….. or maybe use Google, to try minimizing further international embarrassments for Canada.

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