India deserves an apology; Canada deserves a new PM

I said, a couple of days ago, that “I sincerely hope this is the end of this matter” but it’s not … Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s India misadventures just keep on getting worse and worse for Canada.

Campbell Clark, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “[Prime Minister Trudeau’s] eight-day charm offensive didn’t just fail to enchant. India is now engaged in the diplomatic version of hissing and spitting. The official spokesman for India’s Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement that more or less called Mr. Trudeau a liar … [and] … Suggestions there was Indian plotting to embarrass the PM, made by a senior Canadian official – who was backed by Mr. Trudeau in the House of Commons on Tuesday – were, according to India’s spokesman, “baseless and unacceptable” … [and, to make matters worse] … This is not an everyday occurrence. Big, serious, relatively friendly countries such as India don’t issue statements to trash Canadian prime ministers for what they just said in Question Period.”

We all remember, of course, that, on the flight home from India “a senior security Daniel Jeanofficial told reporters, on condition he not be named, [but he was named as Daniel Jean, the prime minister’s security advisor and a former very senior diplomat] that the whole business might have been orchestrated by Indian factions – even though Mr. Atwal had been invited by a Liberal MP. And when Mr. Trudeau was pressed on that in the Commons on Tuesday, he backed up the official – saying that if a senior official said it, that’s because it’s true … [and] … That amounts to the PM accusing the Indian government of sandbagging his trip. India is annoyed … [Anita Singh, research fellow at Dalhousie University’s Centre for the Study of Security and Development, who specializes in Canada-India relations, said] … “This is a total failure in diplomacy,” … [and] …  Mr. downloadTrudeau’s trip was a series of preventable errors, from reciting standard Canadian phrases about shared values that don’t mean much to India to not having a clear idea what the goals of the mission were, she said. When an official raised the spectre of an Indian plot in public, it amounted to “juvenile diplomacy.”

So there we have it: a senior diplomat floats the most stupidly outlandish theory imaginable and our prime minister ~ who appears to be a kid who is a couple of fries short of a happy meal ~ when given a chance to say “Oh, darn, he misspoke” doubles down and says “it’s true.” Of course it’s not true; it’s a childish lie; no one with the brains the gods gave to green peppers could believe that “rogue elements” in India knew that Canadian politicians were stupid enough to invite Jaspar Atwal to two events; it’s beyond belief.  Now I see that the Conservative tried to call M. Jean to explain himself, but, Joan Bryden of the Canadian Press reports: “The Liberals used their majority on the Commons’ national security committee Thursday to block a Conservative motion asking that Daniel Jean be summoned to testify about his theory that factions in India were behind the furor over Jaspal Atwal, a convicted attempted assassin and one-time Sikh separatist extremist who wound up on the guest list for two events with Trudeau during the India tour … [and] … Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, who was at the committee to discuss his department’s spending estimates, also declined to discuss Jean’s theory, telling Conservative MPs they were veering into classified territory that he’s not at liberty to discuss.” What on earth can be classified? M. Jean briefed reporters ~ none of whom have security clearances ~ on an airplane … they have reported what he said. Did all those journalists concoct the same lie? Did they all misunderstand what he said? Not likely … the Liberals are trying to cover up for M. Jean because the people in the plush seats in the front of the aircraft who sent M Jean back to brief the reporters screwed up. M. Jean needs to resign before his reputation is totally destroyed, and so, quite frankly, does Justin Trudeau … this is a job for a grown up.

Someone needs to apologize, profusely, to India.

Someone needs to apologize to Canada, too, for offering Justin Trudeau as a “leader.” He isn’t … he’s a disgrace and he needs to quit while he’s ahead.

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