Climate change

There is a very useful article by Professor Ross McKitrick of the University of Guelph (who is also a senior fellow of the (quite conservative) Fraser Institute) in the Financial Post that talks about the impact that Doug Ford, assuming his PCs win this year’s Ontario election, might have on Prime Minister Trudeau’s green agenda. But, for me,Continue reading “Climate change”

Mali and Helicopters again

So, it appears that Canada will follow the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium in providing the aviation support to the UN mission in Mali. Last year the German government described their contribution as “Hintergrund sind die Stationierungen von vier deutschen Kampfhubschraubern des Typs “Tiger” und von vier Transporthubschraubern vom Typ “NH90”. Mit ihnen werden ab MärzContinue reading “Mali and Helicopters again”

An American heroine

A participant over on says “You know that you live in a new age of politics when the president and the porn star is a non issue.“ Well, maybe not … The Economist says that “There are three big reasons for Ms Clifford’s [Stephanie Clifford is stripper Stormy Daniel’s real name] effectiveness as aContinue reading “An American heroine”

HUGE … if it is true

If this story, BREAKING on the Reuters web site, is true: ~ “North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un pledged his commitment to denuclearization and to meet U.S. officials, China said on Wednesday after his meeting with President Xi Jinping …” ~ then it is a HUGE step forward for regional peace and security. It also meansContinue reading “HUGE … if it is true”

Good news … for Canada

OK, so, yesterday I said that “I hope that Andrew Scheer’s team will wipe the floor with the Liberals in 2019, no matter who is leading,” but day before yesterday I took note of this, from Michael de Adder in the Hill Times: … and also this article by Campbell Clark in the Globe andContinue reading “Good news … for Canada”

The gift that keeps on giving

If Justin Trudeau’s wholly improper “family holiday” ~ which included Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan, who is now Veterans Affairs Minister, and Liberal party president Anna Gainey and their spouses ~ on the Aga Khan’s private island wasn’t bad enough, now CBC News reports that there appears to be an ethical black hole into which “unacceptable”Continue reading “The gift that keeps on giving”

An open letter to a couple of Liberals

Surprise, surprise: I’m a highly partisan Conservative; I think the New Democrats are, usually, fiscally irresponsible to the point of being dangerous, and I believe that today’s Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau’s LPC, is irredeemably arrogant, blundering, corrupt, deceitful and so on, and unfit to hold office. My main problem with the Liberal PartyContinue reading “An open letter to a couple of Liberals”

No constraints?

Adrian Morrow, writing in the Globe and Mail tells about how US Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster “was a key ally for the Trudeau government in Mr. Trump’s administration. He argued strenuously for Canada to be exempted from the President’s tariffs on steel and aluminium, and was in favour of preserving the continental free market inContinue reading “No constraints?”


Many years decades ago, when I was a young major, I was posted to National Defence Headquarters (known to us as either Fort Fumble or Disneyland on the Rideau) to join the branch of the staff that was responsible for army operational equipment requirements. Our job, our boss, a gunner colonel, explained, was to figureContinue reading “Helicopters”