I agree

Filipino-NannyIt’s not often that I agree wholeheartedly with the Toronto Star, but this editorial, encouraging the Liberal government to be fair, even a wee, tiny bit generous to those women (they’re almost all women) who come to Canada from the Philippines, Indonesia and elsewhere to provide affordable in-home child-care and elder care for working families is spot on.

The Harper Conservatives were wrong to place too many restrictions on the programme … I understand that they did so in response to public pressure that was cooked up in part by Big Labour, that didn’t make it a good decision. There are three good reasons to not add new restrictions, to remove the current restrictions, and to make the programme even easier:

  • HCA_CTM_Shoot_Export-0182-sliderFirst, it makes the two income family, which is almost a necessity for those who want to be in the upwardly mobile middle class in heavily taxed, 21st century Canada, practical by providing safe, affordable, in-home care for infant children and elderly parents;
  • Second, it is only fair that when we ask a woman to leave her own family behind to care for a Canadian family and, thereby, benefit Canada, as a whole, by allowing more Canadians to work at better, higher paying jobs, that we should offer some ‘reward’ ~ a slightly easier path to Canadian permanent resident status; and
  • Third, these women, and their families, are very often just the sort of immigrants we really want ~ hard working, family oriented, law abiding and, after two years or more of living with a Canadian family, familiar with our customs.

It is a win-Win-WIN for everyone in Canada … except perhaps the Canadian Labour Congress.

(I need to affirm that I do not have any family or close friends in or from the Philippines; we (my Hong Kong born wife and I) do not have a nanny or a caregiver and are unlikely to hire one any time soon. My view is based on what I think is good for Canada and for the people who come here, often for long periods, as temporary workers.)

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