Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 07.48.08This video, shared on Facebook, shows a young Albertan named Brock Blaszczyk, a former corporal in the storied Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry, asking Prime Minister Trudeau why he broke his solemn promise, made in the 2015 election campaign, to stop fighting against veterans. The Trudeau Liberal government is still fighting veterans in court, arguing that there is no “sacred duty” to care for those who were wounded while fighting in our wars. Mr Blaszczyk “retired” from the army because one leg was blown off and the other severely injured by an enemy improvised explosive device (IED).

Prime Minister Trudeau answered that gravely wounded Canadian war veterans are asking more than the government can afford to pay. The Conservative Party begs to differ …


… and so should all Canadians.

I have said before that while there is a case for changing the way we compensated veterans up until 2005, the problem with the New Veterans Charter, introduced by Paul Martin’s Liberals and supported by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, is that it is, quite fundamentally, immoral.

It may be too late to go back and “grandfather” all those who were serving ~ especially those serving in combat, in a war ~ before the New Veterans Charter came into effect, but I suspect not. I believe that men and women of good will could make that happen. But it is a bald faced lie to say that this government, which spends our hard earned tax dollars like drunken sailors, is not financially “able to give” lifetime pensions to wounded veterans. I doubt that even our ill-educated, wholly unqualified prime minister actually liesbelieves that; it’s just the “party line” that he is fed by Gerald Butts and Katie Telford and so on in the PMO, and it is, in turn, fed to them by officials in Ottawa and Charlottetown who, quite honestly, believe that their plan is better, for Canada, than the old, pre-2005 one. This government hopes that if it repeats the same big lie over and over again we will all just accept it as truth … I fear that they might be right.



2 thoughts on “Lies

  1. PMJT has to eat s**t on what he said. Also agree with the “changing horses in mid stream” mistake. That said, who’s left to vote for since the Conservatives didn’t bring back a pension system when they had a chance (even with a majority)? I don’t blame people for the white-hot rage against Prince Valiant, but are the whitest, most hot going to vote Conservative next time, forgetting they had a chance and studied for several years instead of changed?

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