Doing the right thing

Young Conservative leader Natalie Pon says that she found this MacLean’s articlereally hard to read.” So did I. The article shows us a lot of focused, busy, even harried people trying, and not always succeeding in balancing right and wrong, rights and laws, laws and justice, morality and politics and truth and consequences. It is, all in all, a messy. business. Most of those people knew what the “right thing” was, what was far more difficult was how to “do the right thing” and, concurrently, to “do things right,” too.

In the end, I believe, based on scant evidence, that they ~ Stephen Harper, himself, and his campaign team ~ made the wrong decision: they didn’t do the right thing and they didn’t do things right, either. But I suspect that made the wrong decision for what appeared, to them to be valid reasons … at least that what Prime Minister Harper’s recent statement suggests.

That sexual predation, mostly by men, has been under-reported and, even when it was reported, under-punished for years decades is not news. As I said before, “I agree with and support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: the women coming forward are brave and they must be supported, protected and believed … until, as I suspect someone will, almost inevitably, go too far and make an untrue, unfounded, malicious accusation.” But I also believe in justice and the law and in due process and procedural fairness and, and, and … and I don’t know that I would have made a different decision than did Stephen Harper in 2015.

I also agree with Prime Minister Trudeau that each individual case must be investigated and decided on its unique merits ~ even though I suspect that it is the worst sort of crass, partisan, political consideration that keeps Kent Hehr in the Liberal caucus ~ and so must the actions and decisions of the Conservative party in 2015.

Yes, the article was, indeed, “hard to read,” but perfect human beings who make the right choices every time are a lot harder to find.

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