Seamus O’Regan responds

I have been highly critical, since the early days of this blog,  of the way the New Veterans Charter was introduced, calling it immoral. But I have tried to be careful about not agreeing that only the pre-2005 situation is “fair” or “good.” Recently some veterans have gone after the new minister, Seamus O’Regan, withContinue reading “Seamus O’Regan responds”

American resolve on display

ABC News (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation) reports that the United States has sent a carrier battle group from the US 3rd Fleet into the South China Seas. The article quotes Captain Doug Verissimo, captain of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson as saying ““It shows resolve, and gives decision space to our leaders.””Continue reading “American resolve on display”

Xi Jinping forever?

I have been saying, for a long time, since before I started this blog, that I think that Xi Jinping sees himself as a transformative leader, à la Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong. I wasn’t sure how he might manage that under the Chinese constitution and I guessed that he might, like Deng, allow the officeContinue reading “Xi Jinping forever?”

More on Trudeau in India and Indian influence in Canadian politics

David Akin, reporting for Global News, says that “Indian government officials believe that the problem of Sikh extremism in Canada is a lot bigger than the Canadian government thinks it is.” That’s important because Mr Akin, a season, trusted journalist is saying Indian government officials, not Indian journalists of Canadian commentators. He adds, this timeContinue reading “More on Trudeau in India and Indian influence in Canadian politics”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey (40): Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah

There is a very useful article in Foreign Affairs by Professor Mara Karlin which is headlined: “Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah ~ A New Conflict May Be Inevitable.” Professor Karin asserts that “Another war between Israel and Hezbollah is almost inevitable. Although neither side wants a conflict now, the shifting balance of power in the LevantContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey (40): Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah”

Someone is “just not ready”

Well, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got a lot of global publicity last week … not much of it good. Even the staid Financial Times, which rarely stoops to deal in gossip or scandal, had to report that “Justin Trudeau’s troubled trip to India ran into further trouble on Thursday after it emerged that a manContinue reading “Someone is “just not ready””

Trump and Russia, combined, are a significant threat to the West

Edward Luce, the Financial Times chief US correspondent, has written an article about Donald Trump that bears repeating. It is headlined: “Why Donald Trump will never escape Russia ~ The US president is being outplayed by special investigator Mueller’s chess moves.” But the issue of Mr Mueller’s legal skills and tactics are, relatively, unimportant, as isContinue reading “Trump and Russia, combined, are a significant threat to the West”

Doing it right

This, a 2013 report from MacLean’s, reprinted from L’actualité  explains how Jason Kenney, in 2012, handled an incident that was analogous to the April 2017 Khalsa Day parade that Justin Trudeau attended: “Jason Kenney scans the dense crowd of roughly 20,000 Sikh Canadians in traditional dress and multicoloured turbans here to mark Vaisakhi—the annual celebration commemorating theContinue reading “Doing it right”

Decades of delusion came back to bite the PM on the behind

I’ve taken my time in commenting on the prime minister’s trip to India. To say that I’m very disappointed is to put it mildly … I’m disappointed and a little embarrassed to be a Canadian. But the Trudeaus playing “Mr Dressup and Family” in exotic locations on the taxpayers’ dime isn’t the problem. We have,Continue reading “Decades of delusion came back to bite the PM on the behind”

American Exceptionalism: 1, 2, 3

A few years ago the American foreign policy expert Walter Russell Mead wrote an award wining book called “Special Providence: American Foreign Policy and How it Changed the World.” In a review The Economist said that “The idea that the United States is a place apart, guided by some exceptional hand, is a recurring oneContinue reading “American Exceptionalism: 1, 2, 3”