Dark clouds obscure sunny ways

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Davos, as I write, telling the great and the good that Canada is a wonderful place to do business, but Andrew Coyne, writing in the National Post, offers a darker and more sobering view of Canada's economy. He acknowledges that the immediate situation, in the opening weeks of 2018, … Continue reading Dark clouds obscure sunny ways

America (Donald Trump anyway) shoots itself in the foot?

Daniel H. Rosen, who is an American business executive, academic and author and an expert on the Chinese economy as well as being a partner at Rhodium Group, LLC, a New York-based advisory group and who is also a Visiting Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and an adjunct professor at Columbia University, has written a thoughtful article on … Continue reading America (Donald Trump anyway) shoots itself in the foot?

Is Trudeau dropping the trade ball, again?

The Japan Times reports that "The chief negotiators of the 11 remaining signatories to the Trans-Pacific Partnership met Monday in Tokyo to work on getting the free trade pact signed without the United States ... [but] ... The focus of the two-day meeting is on whether members can get Canada onboard for an early signing, with … Continue reading Is Trudeau dropping the trade ball, again?

A New Cold War: Countering the Russian threat to global peace and security

I have been arguing, almost since I began this blog, that Putin's Russia is a greater threat than Da'esh/ISIL/ISIS or China. Now two distinguished scholar-diplomats, one, Robert D Blackwill, who served Republican administrations and the other, Philip H Gordon, who served the Democrats, have concluded, in an insightful article in Foreign Affairs, that "Russia’s geopolitical challenge … Continue reading A New Cold War: Countering the Russian threat to global peace and security

2019 (9): Rights and Freedoms

What a silly, immature, puffed up young twerp we (some of us, anyway) elected to be our prime minister. As John Ibbitson points out in an article in the Globe and Mail, “Thousands of student summer-job grants, along with a brand-new community-service program, have been rendered unavailable to organizations and people of faith, thanks to … Continue reading 2019 (9): Rights and Freedoms

A faux foreign policy …

John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, notes that "Next week's [now this week's] ministerial meeting in Vancouver on North Korea is turning into a curious affair. Several countries with vital interests in the peninsula are not participating. The agenda of the meeting is unclear. And recent events have overtaken whatever that agenda might … Continue reading A faux foreign policy …