Something that irks me

The US Army, on its official social media feeds, says that this could be (it’s quite indefinite) “the new “everyday business-wear uniform” for US soldiers …


… now, at the risk of repeating myself, the “business-wear uniform” for soldiers has changed over the years but it looked and looks rather like this …

Slide1 copy … the “business suit” have evolved to suit the changing nature of the “business” our Canadian soldiers are in. Ditto for sailors and RCAF members, too.

Soldiers need uniforms, in part to conform to the laws of war, in part to be safe and practical at work and, in part, to instil pride and esprit de corps.

clo-1000-00Sometimes the work is in the field and the uniforms pictured above are most appropriate, sometimes it is on a “shop floor” and something like coveralls are required, sometimes special, e.g. fire resistant work suits are required. The military needs to issue sailors, soldiers and air force members with an array of appropriate work uniforms from “whites” for cooks through to heavy black coveralls for tank mechanics.  Some people work in offices ~ rather a lot of people, actually ~ or have various types of “clean” work and they need informs that are economical, smart, comfortable and easy to care for. Maybe a shirt, even a golf shirt of t-shirt and trousers with a sweater and windbreaker and so on. Does anyone in the Army really “need” a jacket and tie? I understand that, in many headquarters, the senior civilian staff wear jacket and tie and some people think that military members should conform to the current civilian “business suit” norm. But if one is going to a meeting where a jacket and ties might be most appropriate then what is wrong with one of these two options?

I keep hearing rumours that patrol dress will be reintroduced for ceremonial wear and a “dressed down” version of that could be worn as “day dress” when one has to have lunch with the mayor or testify before a House of Commons committee. Or what’s wrong with a service or regimental blazer?

It’s not a big deal, not when compared to the government’s dithering over new jet fighters, slow delivery of new ships and trucks and a whole host of other things, but uniforms are a bit of a hot button issue for many military folks and after the fiasco of army rank changes many of my friends are not sure that the “executive” level of the Canadian Forces is “in touch” with the sailors in ships, troops in regiments and battalions and air force members in squadrons about what uniform issues really matter.

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