Just some food for thought

The noted economist and author Dambisa Moyo posted these three graphics on social media:




The progression from digging resources out of the ground and “metal bashing” to the “information age” and a service economy is quite evident. Of course there is still lots of digging going on in the world (Australia and Canada) and metal bashing, too (Asia), but finance and technology are now the monarchs of the marketplace, especially in America. The brain power behind the information age is global ~ India and Israel, for example, are notable science and technology “hot spots,” and the sources of money are also global but the innovative management is, for now, American … for now.

Who do you think,” Dr Moyo asked “will dominate this list in another 100 years?

What industries are emerging, now, that like Apple and Microsoft we hadn’t even thought of in 1967? Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related fields for sure … but how about space travel or longevity?

Food for thought …


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