… which never came

There’s a heartbreaking story in the National Post about unforgivable bureaucratic Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.00.52inertia idleness in Chrystia Freeland’s oh so pretentiously named Global Affairs Department. The story is about the campaign by 90 year old retired Merchant Navy Captain Paul Bender who wants to get the same designation for Canadian ships that were sunk in battle as the Americans, British, French and others give to both their own and even enemy ships ~ to be protected, in law, as war grave sites.

It seems a simple enough thing doesn’t it? Even a vacuous, anti-military trust-fund kid like Justin Trudeau should be able to see that the political value of such an act would certainly outweigh the costs. But evidently not … the National Post article says that while “The U.K. maintains a list of protected and controlled wrecks under a 1986 law, which even includes enemy vessels, such as German U-boats. But the Second World War wrecks of three Canadian corvettes in British waters — the HMCS Alberni, Trentonian and Regina — do not share the same protection … [even though] … “They’re all in the same place, friends and enemies. The enemies are protected, the friends are not,” Capt. Bender said … [and] … Vice-Admiral Denis Rouleau, a retired naval commander and former Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff, has helped in the campaign by briefing the government, but “nobody really wanted to grab his torch” … [and] … He said the three Canadian ships were almost added to Britain’s list last year based on Capt. Bender’s recommendation, but Britain wanted a formal government request. It got as far as the British Defence attaché waiting for the nod from Global 07061914_justin-trudeau-gary-the-unicorn-2Affairs Canada, which never came.” That’s IKVKvcMYexactly how much Mr Trudeau and Ms Freeland care about protecting the underwater war graves of Canadians, including my father, who was killed at sea when his ship, HMCS Louisburg (K143) was sunk in the Mediterranean … they are a bloody disgrace and both should, if they have even a shred of integrity, resign and sit on the back benches or, better, return to private life.

This is another “no-brainer.” Other countries have done it: why not Canada? Liberals and their cheer-leaders in the Laurentian Elites will say “well, Stephen Harper didn’t do it,” and, of course that’s true and 100% irrelevant … they campaigned on a platform of “real change” from Stephen Harper and we got the same climate change targets, the same bum deal for veterans and the same inertia of simple things. I understand there’s no photo-op in this, no chance foe the prime minister to show off his new socks, no votes to be had, either … is that why it’s  not on Team Trudeau’s agenda?

I hope someone from the Conservative side and perhaps someone from the Liberals side, too, perhaps someone with a Navy background, will hold their feet to the political fire for this.


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