Feminism in 21st century Canada

This is what a real, honest 21st-century feminist looks like …


… she’s a brave, young Iranian woman protesting the medieval, misogynistic, dictatorial regime that denies her value and rights as a human being. Is she afraid? I’m sure she is, I hope she is, she ought to be … people like her are being killed in Iran, right now, for doing what she’s doing: for demanding to be treated as equal human beings. That’s why I said she’s brave … she is overcoming her fear and speaking out. She’s a real feminist!

This, on the other hand, is the so-called feminist prime minister of Canada …


… out shilling for votes.

Is that the sort of feminism we want in Canada in 2018?

I think not.

My kind of real feminism looks a lot more like this …

Conservatives, especially (but not exclusively) Conservative women are speaking out for women, for all people, everywhere, in every country, and on every issue from political rights to female genital mutilation … they are not afraid that this, that or the other political faction or “constituency” or even a whole country will be offended. Our self proclaimed feminist government, on the other hand, is nearly silent on Iran and is even reported to be considering removing the official warning, in the citizenship guide, that female circumcision is not acceptable in Canada.

Feminists need to consider their vote in 2019: do they want the phoney Liberal image of photo-op feminism, or are they ready for some of the real thing?

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

4 thoughts on “Feminism in 21st century Canada

  1. Sadly “photo-op feminism” is a very apt and for this government, compelling, phrase.

  2. Having been part of a feminist conspiracy at home (one wife and two daughters) and mostly not really sure what was going on, I did my best to bring the other side into the discussion, with mixed results but I can say that both girls could pick up a musket and man the Barricades, drive a Motorcycle, at least know the components of an Aircraft and serve their country in a variety of ways from organizing a mess hall, acting as at least a corporal in a military formation, to spearheading a relief organization and teaching urban/non urban survival skills to those not as unfortunate as they. Am I proud of them, yes, are they Feminists, yes, but they understand that some times you have to get your hands dirty and shitty and that seems to be missing in much of the Official Feminist dogma I see now whether it be Trudeau or other more Conservative players. I think a good dose of reality would help all concerned.

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