Future wars (2)

Picking up from the first of a series of articles about war in the (not too distant) future, The Economist looks, in an article headlined "Pride and prejudice: The odds on a conflict between the great powers," at the possibilities that miscalculation may lead to a war involving the great powers. Readers may remember that in Future … Continue reading Future wars (2)

2019 (10): 2018 is a critical year

Before I get to the topic of why 2018 matters, I suppose I should comment on the past week's news, especially "Bloody Sunday" in Toronto and the impact of #MeToo. First, let me say that I agree with and support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: the women coming forward are brave and they must be supported, … Continue reading 2019 (10): 2018 is a critical year

A bloody disgrace

Keeping with this week's largely military themes, a few days ago I happened upon an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail, by Canadian historian Jack Granatstein which was headlined: "If we can’t defend ourselves, are we truly sovereign?" It is tempting to end this post, quickly, by says something like: "No, of course not … Continue reading A bloody disgrace

Navy support ships

I am on record as being a bit of a fan of Chantier Davie's Project Resolve which gave us one working AOR (fleet refuelling and supply ship) and which proposes to convert and lease another. On the other hand, I am somewhat less of a big fan of Senator Colin Kenny, although I acknowledge that, … Continue reading Navy support ships

Future wars

The Economist has a series of articles, a Special Report, in the most recent edition dealing with their guesstimation of what the next war might look like ... of course, it's all a little bit "airy-fairy" as we used to say and there is a lot of "big hand, small map" stuff ~ that's an … Continue reading Future wars

Thinking about defence, again …

I have been going on and on, ever since i started this blog, about defence spending and the growing danger posed by Russia. It is time to revisit the subject because two things caught my eye: First, in the United Kingdom, iNews reports that "On Monday, the head of the Army, General Sir Nick Carter, … Continue reading Thinking about defence, again …