Future wars (2)

Picking up from the first of a series of articles about war in the (not too distant) future, The Economist looks, in an article headlined "Pride and prejudice: The odds on a conflict between the great powers," at the possibilities that miscalculation may lead to a war involving the great powers. Readers may remember that in Future … Continue reading Future wars (2)

2019 (10): 2018 is a critical year

Before I get to the topic of why 2018 matters, I suppose I should comment on the past week's news, especially "Bloody Sunday" in Toronto and the impact of #MeToo. First, let me say that I agree with and support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: the women coming forward are brave and they must be supported, … Continue reading 2019 (10): 2018 is a critical year

A bloody disgrace

Keeping with this week's largely military themes, a few days ago I happened upon an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail, by Canadian historian Jack Granatstein which was headlined: "If we can’t defend ourselves, are we truly sovereign?" It is tempting to end this post, quickly, by says something like: "No, of course not … Continue reading A bloody disgrace

Navy support ships

I am on record as being a bit of a fan of Chantier Davie's Project Resolve which gave us one working AOR (fleet refuelling and supply ship) and which proposes to convert and lease another. On the other hand, I am somewhat less of a big fan of Senator Colin Kenny, although I acknowledge that, … Continue reading Navy support ships

Future wars

The Economist has a series of articles, a Special Report, in the most recent edition dealing with their guesstimation of what the next war might look like ... of course, it's all a little bit "airy-fairy" as we used to say and there is a lot of "big hand, small map" stuff ~ that's an … Continue reading Future wars

Thinking about defence, again …

I have been going on and on, ever since i started this blog, about defence spending and the growing danger posed by Russia. It is time to revisit the subject because two things caught my eye: First, in the United Kingdom, iNews reports that "On Monday, the head of the Army, General Sir Nick Carter, … Continue reading Thinking about defence, again …

Real change

A few weeks ago, during the introduction of new minimum wage levels, a picture was floating around the internet which showed some supermarket self-checkout machines with text which said that "these are the only "workers" who are smiling about the increase in the minimum wage." Actually, of course, it will be the fairly well paid … Continue reading Real change

And yet again … not outraged

The media is making a mountain out of the molehill which is Davos: specifically the fact that a hamburger at the Ameron Swiss Mountain Hotel, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is staying, along with his entourage, sells for about $(CA)70.00 (CHF 55.00). It harks back to the "scandal" a few years ago when former International … Continue reading And yet again … not outraged

Good for the CPC … I hope

There is a report in the Hill Times which says that "Seven Conservative MPs are facing nomination challenges for the 2019 election, but there is widespread speculation the party’s leadership is behind at least some of those challenges, which the party strongly denies ... [and] ... “There were some OLO staffers last fall who were … Continue reading Good for the CPC … I hope