Morneau’s resignation

So, Andrew Scheer has called for Finance Minister Bill Morneau to either resign or for Prime Minister Trudeau to fire him. Mr Morneau is, in my opinion, a weak minister with an inflated sense of his own importance ... but in that he is just a much richer version of his boss, the "Trust Fund … Continue reading Morneau’s resignation

New destroyers/frigates

The National Post reports that "In a surprise twist in Canada’s shipbuilding saga, a foreign consortium is offering the country a way to build a fleet of warships at a guaranteed price of $30 billion — a potential savings of $32 billion ... [and] ... Fincantieri of Italy and Naval Group of France — major … Continue reading New destroyers/frigates

Failure in Command

There is a very useful and, I hope, thought provoking article (written under a nom de plume by a serving British officer) published in the Wavell Room website.* It is entitled "Mission Command; The Fall of the Strategic Corporal; the Rise of the Tactical Minister," and in it the author laments the fact ~ and it … Continue reading Failure in Command