Another Harper promise enacted by the Trudeau regime

Just as they did with carbon standards in 2016, it now seems that the Trudeau regime has yet again reached back into the past, because Seamus O’Regan just announced pretty much the same plan that former Minister of Veterans Affairs Erin O’Toole proposed in 2015. That should not be surprising; the officials who thought up the […]

It’s not just me

So, for the last 18 months or so I’ve been wondering if it’s just me who sees Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as an über-entitled, vacuous, self indulgent twerp. It appears that Parliament’s Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson and many editorialists have arrived at similar conclusions. I do not believe that Prime Minister Trudeau is corrupt but he […]

The Jacksonians take over

The White House has just released a new National Security Strategy. It is not a long read and it mostly makes good general sense … or it would if almost anyone other than Donald Trump was the US president; but that’s just my very personal opinion. It needs to be read in conjunction with an […]

Is this really the navy’s job?

There’s an interesting sidebar discussion over on (pages 45 and 46) about the helicopter that the Royal Canadian Navy’s new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (the Harry De Wolf class) will carry … it will be a Coast Guard helicopter which has no weapons, not much in the way of radars, sensors, etc, normally operates […]

The defence procurement follies, again …

A few days ago I said “I do not believe Minister Qualtrough when she says that the Liberals plan to start a competition in “early 2019.”” But she’s repeating it and I still don’t believe her. The CBC News says that “While launching its long-awaited fighter jet competition on Tuesday, the Liberal government also revealed its intention to evaluate […]

It’s a simple principle …

I agree with Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, that some of our current immigration rules are ““out of step” with Canadian values and attitudes toward people with disabilities.” It is true, I suppose, that if Stephen Hawking applied to immigrate to Canada he would be refused because his disabilities might be seen by some bureaucrat to […]

Gee whiz … the G what?

I see that the Globe and Mail reports that “Canada will focus on climate change and gender equality, among other themes, when it takes the helm of the G7 presidency next year, potentially drawing more attention to the differences of opinion between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump.” The G7 … oh, […]

Don’t go there …

Anyone who still believes that UN peacekeeping is the sort of thing that Lester Pearson helped push into being in 1956, and that would be mostly members of the Laurentian Elites, needs to look at a recent article the Globe and Mail which reports that “In the deadliest single attack on a United Nations peacekeeping mission in […]