Some pretty good news …

It's going on to 25 years since Jean Chrétien promised (in the 1993 campaign's now famous Red Book) "zero helicopters" for the Canadian Forces because, he told Canadians, the Mulroney Conservatives wanted to replace the ageing but still serviceable  Sea Kings (which entered service in the early 1960s) with "Cadillacs" ... so they, the Canadian Forces … Continue reading Some pretty good news …

Another Harper promise enacted by the Trudeau regime

Just as they did with carbon standards in 2016, it now seems that the Trudeau regime has yet again reached back into the past, because Seamus O'Regan just announced pretty much the same plan that former Minister of Veterans Affairs Erin O'Toole proposed in 2015. That should not be surprising; the officials who thought up the … Continue reading Another Harper promise enacted by the Trudeau regime

It’s not just me

So, for the last 18 months or so I've been wondering if it's just me who sees Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as an über-entitled, vacuous, self indulgent twerp. It appears that Parliament's Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson and many editorialists have arrived at similar conclusions. I do not believe that Prime Minister Trudeau is corrupt but he … Continue reading It’s not just me

The Jacksonians take over

The White House has just released a new National Security Strategy. It is not a long read and it mostly makes good general sense ... or it would if almost anyone other than Donald Trump was the US president; but that's just my very personal opinion. It needs to be read in conjunction with an … Continue reading The Jacksonians take over