Kent Hehr

Minister Kent Hehr Photo (3).efbd42b2There are numerous calls for Prime Minister Trudeau to expel Kent Hehr from cabinet for various issues of “bad behaviour.” Minister Hehr is trying to fight back … but I suspect it’s a losing cause.

But I think this may be an even tougher call for the prime minister than is Bill Morneau. Mr Morneau has, probably, grown sick and tired of all this nonsense and if the Tories will let things die down a bit he may leave of his own accord in the spring … after the 2018 budget. But sacrificing Mr Hehr will be difficult. After all, he is handicapped … no one wants to fire a handicapped person, not even for being an insufferable twit. Additionally he, a Liberal, won a seat in Calgary! That’s Stephen Harper and Michelle Rempel country … one is not too surprised to find Liberal Randy Bissonnault and the NDP’s Linda Duncan up in Redmonton Edmonton, but Calgary used to be reliably Tory blue ~ that certainly gave 161006 Fletcher 6 .jpghim a political right to expect some reward. Being handicapped is a major plus. Don’t think for a second that, on looking over his caucus, in 2004 that Stephen Harper didn’t say, “What can we find for Stephen Fletcher?” He was allowed to mature as an MP but Mr Fletcher was made a minister in 2008. It may have been a rookie mistake on Justin Trudeau’s part to give another rookie, Mr Hehr, too much responsibility too soon. But, just as being disabled should never disqualify someone from anything for which they are otherwise qualified ~ a topic about which I wrote just yesterday ~ it should not provide anyone with an automatic entreé into cabinet.

I think Mr Hehr may want to make life easy for the prime minister and, thereby, earn himself some political capital. He has said that he needs to work on his empathy so, tootoo_cabinet_resignation-1perhaps, he could resign (after all the aforementioned Mr Bissonnault or Amarjeet Sohi, also a Liberal elected in Edmonton, can represent Alberta in cabinet) over the Christmas recess and earn the gratitude of his party and the leadership. Is his “sin” worse than or his status greater than Hunter Tootoo’s … I don’t think so. Politicians can be sacrificed on the alter of political necessity at any time.

This is, I suspect, strike two on Minister Hehr ~ I doubt he can afford a third one, in fact I cannot see him being allowed another swing at the ball, and I cannot see how he can hit a game saving home run over the Christmas recess.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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