Two contending ships (plus some progress on both coasts)

A contributor to (well, he probably used the blue version) who is a seasoned Navy officer has provided some useful information on two of the contending bids for Canada’s new major “surface combatants” ~ generally called frigates but, in displacement, a far cry from their little predecessors that were in service when I was young and closer to what was then a light cruiser.

First, he looked at the Alion bid, which is based on the Dutch De Zeven Provinciën class frigate,  built by Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, and provided this photo with comments:


  1. An ActivePhased Array Radar with the addition of what looks like a fixed array volume search radar
  2. Replacement of the Goalkeeper close in weapons system with Rolling Airframe Missiles
  3. Looks like 20-25mm guns. One forward, and other aft
  4. Harpoon missiles fit in behind the forward superstructure
  5. Platform for 20-25mm gun.  This is gun position is new to the proposed Canadian ship
  6. 40 cell VLS with strike length VLS integrated
  7. 127mm Oto Melara  dual purpose gun
  8. Possibly an electronic warfare system
  9. Note, no rotating SMART-L radar.  It’s been removed and replaced by the flat panel arrays in the larger mast.

Next he looked at the British Type 26 (called the Global Combat Ship) and provided this picture and comments:


  1. 5”/62 BAE main gun. Essentially identical to the main gun on the Alion ship
  2. 24 cell Vertical Launch Ssystem
  3. Either a heavy machine gun or high power vision mount
  4.  This might be the Kronos Dual Band system from Leonardo
  5. NATO Link 16 antenna with an ECM system on top of it
  6. An actual Canadian Navy ensign rather than just the national flag ~ salesmanship
  7. SATCOM dome(s) where one might expect more missiles
  8. Flex deck ~ a really good idea
  9. Naval Strike Missile or Joint Strike Missile launchers ~ not Harpoon missilies
  10. A door for launching a sea boat?
  11. 25mm gun position
  12. Canada’s new maritime helicopter
  13. Two stern doors: one for variable depth sonar, the other to launch a sea boat?

Both ships look very capable to my (untrained land lubber’s) eye.

Meanwhile …

On the West coast the first of the Coast Guard’s new Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV) is almost ready for sea …

24909721_10156915314433242_9042833083355228422_n … while on the East coast the soon to be HMCS Harry DeWolf is all put together (the bow section actually has been “mated” with the other sections, but I liked the first picture) and she will, also, soon be ready for salt water:



Now it will certainly be tempting for Team Trudeau to pat itself on the back and try to tell Canadians 86032_138526that they, the Liberals, are rebuilding Canada’s fleets … but Canadians must, I hope, remember that these, and the new tanker, Asterix, are ALL, 100%, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s ships. He put the projects and money in place and got things going, and that includes all those good jobs in Atlantic Canada, and it was his Arctic vision which put the Harry De Wolf class ships into production … Justin Trudeau and Harjit Sajjan, on the other hand, are still, after two years in power, just marking time. All the Liberals have done with the defence file, in two years, is defer, delay and dissemble.


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