Is FREMM sailing away?

A few days ago I suggested that Canada might have only a few choices for its new ‘surface combatants’ (destroyers or frigates, for we old folks) including the UK’s Type 26 and the Franco-Italian FREMM design. But now, Murray Brewster, writing in the CBC canada5News service says that “Naval Group and Fincantieri delivered its now highly-publicised, eye-popping, proposal to Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, CBC News has learned … [and] … The pitch, which suggested Canada could save tens of billions of dollars, proved to be a frustrating parting shot for a consortium which had been considered one of the leading contenders in the highly-anticipated program … [but, and this might be a HUGE but] … It was a parting shot because, multiple government and industry sources tell CBC News the French and Italian consortium did not submit a formal bid by the Nov. 30 deadline to make its FREMM-class frigates Canada’s new surface warships.

One of my friends on suggested the same thing ~ and it may be that Naval Group (France) and Fincantieri (the Italian partner) have no faith at all in Irving Shipbuilding‘s methods and motives … and Irving is the government’s prime contractor for this so that mistrust, if it’s real, reflects on Canada as a country and on the government of the day.

2 thoughts on “Is FREMM sailing away?”

  1. I am unsure how much – if any – real blowback there will be to this. I figure a whole lot of voters will be quite happy to see $62B spent in Canada, employing Canadians. I think you have said before that this was never about building ships in the first place. So I think the current government might actually be able to spin this with relative ease.

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