Is it off the rails before it begins?

So he came, he saw and nothing happened? is that how Prime Minister Trudeau’s trip to China will play out?

J3OILKIG25HMFJNAHQG4GCDUGAThe Globe and Mail reports that “Justin Trudeau arrived in China Sunday for a trip that will mark an Asian pivot in Canadian foreign policy with an expected announcement that he will be the first leader among Group of Seven countries to launch free trade talks with the one-party dictatorship … [and, while] … The Liberal government insists it still mulling this venture that polls show would divide Canadians but business lobbyists including Canadian Chamber of Commerce president Perrin Beatty say they expect the announcement during what is Mr. Trudeau’s second official trip to China. This move, an effort to diversify outside of the United States’ orbit, would also be a signal to the protectionist Trump administration that Canada is making backup plans as NAFTA negotiations sour.” That’s consistent with what Innovation (Industry) Minister Navdeep Bains said yesterday.

But, this morning, from Beijing, the National Posts‘s John Ivision says, on social media, that: “No free trade talks at Li-Trudeau meetingNot yet clear what has gone wrong. But something has“Pleased we continue exploratory discussions toward a comprehensive agreement,” says Trudeau – but he was expected him to launch talksThat was a bit embarrassing. Li refused to take questions from media, so we don’t know why FTA talks were not agreed … [and] … My understanding is Trudeau Y POOL TRUDEAU LI MEDIA AVAIL CUTS 22SE_frame_126496thought his progressive trade agenda had been accepted by Chinese. But it seems it was not.” Li is Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and it appears that, at this moment, anyway, Prime Minister Trudeau has flown to China to be told what Premier Li said in Canada over a year ago (the picture is from the September 2016 news conference) ~ “exploratory talks on free trade will begin between Canada and China — with the goal of doubling trade between the two countries by 2025.”

Is this a bit of a spanking for Trudeau being presumptuous?

4 thoughts on “Is it off the rails before it begins?”

    1. I expect there will be a courtesy call before Justin Trudeau leaves … the Chinese are, generally, unfailingly polite, in public. I would love to have heard what Premier Li said to/heard from PM Trudeau before he, Li, cancelled the joint press conference. I have a hunch someone (Minister Bains?) may have spoken out of turn and PMJT may have tried a bit of virtue signalling which would not, I think, sit well with the Chinese

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