National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy: Progress on the West Coast

It’s a bit of a Navy day on my blog …

First, some pretty good news: I mentioned, a couple of days ago, that the contracts for new supply-support ships for the Royal Canadian Navy (tankers, my Navy friends call them) was awarded to SeaSpan in British Columbia. In fact SeaSpan has contracts to build up to 17 ships, two for the Navy and up to 15 more for the Coast Guard:


SeaSpan now reports on the progress of the second of the Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV):


I assume that work cannot begin on the Navy’s ship’s until, at least, the three OFSVs are complete and when, one wonders, will the Polar class icebreaker be built? She was announced, by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2008 and was due to have joined the Coast Guard’s fleet this year. I have read that completion is now scheduled for sometime in the 2020s.

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3 thoughts on “National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy: Progress on the West Coast

  1. 2030 is latest I’ve heard for icebreaker, but is now looking to go same way as Polar 8. Trudeau won’t commit to anything for West Coast shipbuilding so far.

  2. Rumours: or False News: until i see them afloat and in the harbour and being used, Don’t believe it is happening, that would put the refuelling ships, at least 10 years away,. Canada can’t wait that long.
    It is political promises and they are not meant to be kept,

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