More on ships: Progress on the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships

Here, from Irving in Halifax, are two videos showing real progress on the new Arctic Offshore patrol Ships:

It is gratifying to see this progress.

2 thoughts on “More on ships: Progress on the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships”

  1. But are they not months and months behind schedule? They haven’t started on the third ship yet. They cut steel on Harry back in September 2015 and then cut steel on M Brooke 11 months later in August 2016. Its now basically the end of November of 2017 and no work has started on the 3rd ship, though its been 15 months since the last ship was started. The keel on Harry was completed/joined in May of 2016, 8 months after they first cut steel. For M Brooke the keel ceremony was held 11 months (30 May 2017) after the first steel was cut – 3 full months later in terms of timelines than with Harry….Its been 15 months since they last cut steel on a new ship.
    It certainly doesn’t look to me that they are improving their timelines and creating, or gaining, any efficiency in terms of shortening their production timelines. There is no mention (nor has there ever been) of when Harry will be dropped in the water.
    Remember, the longer they take to build these ships, the higher the costs go and the greater the chance that our Navy gets only 5 – not 6 ships.
    Also, any chance you doing a story on what’s the latest with the plans to replace the Kingston Class with something more robust and meaningful? Are the 12 of them still fully operational or are a number of them laid up and not in service but no one is talking about this?

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