Did he screw up again?

There is a report in the Victoria Times Colonist that says that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte referred to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comments about human duterte_trudeau.jpg.size-custom-crop.1086x0rights in the Philippines as “a personal and official insult” and said that ““It angers me when you are a foreigner, you do not know what exactly is happening in this country. You don’t even investigate.”

Prime Minister Trudeau says that “Duterte — whose violent crackdown on drug dealers and drug users by his government’s forces have left thousands dead — was receptive to the comments during what the Canadian prime minister called a very cordial and positive exchange.” It looks like the two leaders talked and listen past each other. After all, a “cordial and positive exchange” is rarely characterized by the other party as a “personal and official insult.”

President Duterte is notoriously thin skinned and Prime Minister Trudeau is equally notoriously impervious to the feelings of others ~ he appears to consider only himself.

Is President Duterte just scoring cheap, political points at home? Was Prime Minister Trudeau poorly briefed on how to deal with the Philippines president? Or did he, Trudeau, just screw up because he’s really just not ready for this job?

2 thoughts on “Did he screw up again?

  1. I don’t know….is it a bad thing that we upbraided a thug like Duterte? Is he anything more than a thug? I remain a big fan of the PM Haprer’s “Get out of Ukraine” comment to Mr. Putin at the G20 in 2014. This was not as harsh, but we do…what?…1.5B in trade with the Philippines annually? Do we need to curry favour with him? There are some countries and some countries leaders we can’t afford to upset without doing harm to our national interests…I don;t count the Philippines or Duterte in that group. Should I? I would argue this has reflected well for Canada on the world stage, even if PM Trudeau perhaps only accidentally stumbled into this fracas…a minor one at that

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