Did Prime Minister Trudeau just screw the pooch?

According to a report in news.com.au he sure did.

Justin Trudeau snubs Malcolm Turnbull in no-show at APEC … [and] …  CANADA’S PM Justin Trudeau has blown a trade pact with Australia and nine other nations out of the water after failing to turn up at a crucial leaders’ meeting,” the article is headlined.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised a raft of last minute issues and stood up a meeting of the 10 other leaders including Malcolm Turnbull … [and] …  Australian Trade Minister Steven Ciobo, who was in Vietnam for the negotiations, is deeply disappointed … [and Minister Ciobo added that] … “It’s less than ideal to have every leader and trade minister from the other 10 countries sitting around the table and not having Canada there.”

45fc27fe71a2252ea2e6d8efcfc99f48What was he thinking? His plane wasn’t late, he made it to Da Nang on time … he deliberately sabotaged an eleven nation trade meeting.

CBC News reports that “A planned meeting of Trans-Pacific Partnership countries was unexpectedly cancelled Friday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau skipped the event when bilateral talks with his Japanese counterpart ended in disagreement.

Canada has two major sticking points with TPP, including passages on intellectual property rights and cultural exemptions … [the CBC says, and] … Trudeau said Thursday Canada must maintain the right to regulate, and financially support, the country’s cultural industries and not fear retribution at a trade tribunal. Importantly, Canada has long said it must be allowed to protect its culture — especially its minority francophone culture — against globalization and cultural assimilation.

pigs-at-the-troughAs with our stand on NAFTA this is, mainly, “virtue signalling” to specific voting groups … it’s part of the Liberals 2019 election campaign. They are willing to sacrifice Canada’s future prosperity to remain at the public trough.

The prime minister was rude and undiplomatic. This is not hard-ball negotiating, it is more like a childish temper tantrum … and that, of course, explains it all: we (almost 40% of those who bothered to vote) elected a juvenile.

So, to answer my own question: Yes! He screwed the pooch. And we may all expect that we will all pay the price in lost jobs, lost profits, lost opportunities and higher taxes.

Edited (after just a few hours) to add

Now it appears, according to CBC News Breaking News report that Canada’s “demands” have been met. That means that Canada didn’t have any real, substantive, new demands, Prime Minister Trudeau just wanted a reiteration of what was already agreed in the original TPP. That more or less proves that Prime Minister Trudeau was just “virtue signalling” to, especially, the Quebec wing of his Liberal Party.

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