It should not need mentioning …

… but … I saw this picture on social media: Scott Brison (left) is Canada’s first openly gay cabinet minister and he is with Svend Robinson (right) who was Canada’s first openly gay MP. Now, I do not know either man, personally, but I am sure both were and are dedicated public servants and theContinue reading “It should not need mentioning …”

The new Ontario

I know there are a lot of people out there who are of a nature that an old friend describes as ‘NeanderCons‘ and they are deeply opposed, on principle I hasten to add, to Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown and to the platform he has put in place. But they are wrong, and ChrisContinue reading “The new Ontario”

A dangerous double standard?

And now for the not so good news about our Navy: David Puliese, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, reports that “The federal government and Irving Shipbuilding are trying to figure out how to deal with a gap between construction of navy ships that could eventually result in layoffs … [because] … There will be a lullContinue reading “A dangerous double standard?”

National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy: Progress on the West Coast

It’s a bit of a Navy day on my blog … First, some pretty good news: I mentioned, a couple of days ago, that the contracts for new supply-support ships for the Royal Canadian Navy (tankers, my Navy friends call them) was awarded to SeaSpan in British Columbia. In fact SeaSpan has contracts to build upContinue reading “National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy: Progress on the West Coast”

The Royal Military College

 So, the Auditor General of Canada has released his report on The Royal Military College (it is Report N0. 6 for 2017) and his overall message to government is: 6.9 Overall, we found that the Royal Military College of Canada emphasized academic education over military training and that there were weaknesses in military training. Recommendations fromContinue reading “The Royal Military College”

Did partisan politics just scuttle a good project?

My friend The Regimental Rogue posted this … … it goes along with si vis pacem, para bellum (Publius Flavius Vegetius) and other assorted sayings that all try to warn political leaders that tending, carefully and responsibly, to the nation’s defences is the best way to keep the peace ~ high mountains are not the onlyContinue reading “Did partisan politics just scuttle a good project?”

The flight path to safety

According to an article by Nathan Rochford of the Canadian Press, published in the Globe and Mail, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks that “Canada could play a key role in defusing the tense global standoff with the North Korean regime by working with Cuba, a course of action the prime minister says he discussed withContinue reading “The flight path to safety”

Free(er) trade, of course, but SOME free(er) movement, too

It’s no secret that I am a committed free trader and my reading of history suggests to me that: Free(er) trade always leads to greater prosperity for most and to more peace (or, at least, less war); and, therefore Free(er) trade must be a core Conservative value. I believe we should trade more or lessContinue reading “Free(er) trade, of course, but SOME free(er) movement, too”

Anglosphere and/or Eurosphere?

There is an interesting article by Julian Lindley-French on the Canadian Global Affairs Institute site that suggests, inter alia, that: “This is not Britain’s finest hour. Amid the hysteria over Brexit, little has been written about the strategic consequences of Britain’s pending split from the European Union (EU) and even less about the impact Brexit could haveContinue reading “Anglosphere and/or Eurosphere?”