In an article in the Globe and Mail, Lee Berthiaume (Canadian Press) reports that "The Trudeau Liberals may have promised to ramp up Canada's role in peacekeeping, but new UN figures show there were fewer Canadian peacekeepers in the field last month than at any point in recent memory ... [and] ... The revelation comes as … Continue reading Cornered?

The petty, parochial, partisan politics of pipelines

Two stories in the the Globe and Mail caught my eye: The first one says that "Some New Democrats with ties to the Alberta government say [newly elected national NDP leader Jagmeet] Singh appears to have decided he can win seats in British Columbia by standing with its NDP Premier John Horgan in opposing pipeline development. Conversely, … Continue reading The petty, parochial, partisan politics of pipelines

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Early Warning from Beijing

Charles Clover, reporting from Beijing in the Financial Times, reminds us that "China’s foreign policy was long guided by a doctrine that was summed up in 1990 by Deng Xiaoping, the former paramount leader, as “hide your strength and bide your time”." No longer, he says, because "This week, China appears to have parted decisively … Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Early Warning from Beijing

On liberty

I wasn't going to comment on ongoing round of laws in Europe and Quebec that aim to ban face coverings, but, faced with what seems to be a near wall of silence from Conservatives ~ who in the 21st century are the only reasonable heirs to 19th century liberalism ~ I think I need to say … Continue reading On liberty

Trafalgar Day

Today is Trafalgar Day, the 212th anniversary of that great and decisive battle ... ... and a reminder that any self respecting country, like Canada, needs all of: A coherent, achievable grand strategy; Combat capable, combat ready, tough, efficient and combat effective naval, military, air and support services; and Resolute, tough, brave, superbly disciplined, well … Continue reading Trafalgar Day


In an editorial, the Toronto Sun says that "The stink surrounding Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s finances is getting worse ... [and] ... if the shares part of [all] this [litany of oversights] doesn’t violate the letter of the law it certainly doesn't pass the smell test for regular Canadians ... [thus, despite agreeing to put his … Continue reading Resign!

Defence policy

Two things caught my eye the other day: A column in the Vimy Report by former senior Canadian diplomat Paul H Chapin, headlined with the question: "This is National Defence?" and A report from the Angus Reid Institute which is titled: "Fear of nuclear war rising significantly, but more Canadians inclined to “stay out” of … Continue reading Defence policy

The ‘identitarians’ attack liberalism

There is an article in a conservative/libertarian on-line journal called The Federalist that is headlined: "Signs Liberalism’s Slow Suicide Is Finally Complete." The author, conservative journalist Robert Tracinski makes a stab at tying modern progressivism all the way back to John Stuart Mill in 19th century England but I'm not really sure that he understand the … Continue reading The ‘identitarians’ attack liberalism

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Congo

Two "Everyman's Strategic Surveys" today ~ Second: The Congo resonates with me ... waaaay back, when the earth was still cooling and I was a young soldier, many of us served there in the old ONUC (Organisation des Nations Unies au Congo and, a bit later, Opération des Nations Unies au Congo mission which extended from1960 … Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Congo

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: China’s Belt and Road Initiative explained.

There are two "Everyman's Strategic Surveys" today ... First: The South China Morning Post's excellent visualization of China's Belt and Road Initiative was named ‘Best Data Visualisation Project’ at the World Digital Media Awards 2017. The presentation, which is in five parts ... ... is at this site. It doesn't take long but it is worth … Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey: China’s Belt and Road Initiative explained.