Bombardier (5): Airbus to the rescue?

Media reports are full of breaking news that Airbus is buying a majority stake in Bombardier’s C Series passenger jet programme.

Airbus will have 50%+ of the C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP) which builds and sells the aircraft, Bombardier will own 31 per cent and the Quebec government’s investment agency will hold 19 per cent According to a report in the Toronto Star.

This is an interesting, and quite rude slap in the face for Boeing and the US (Trump) administration. It says nothing, of course, about Bombardier’s potential involvement in the programme to replace the CF-18s, but it does shake things up a bit. Having slapped Boeing‘s face the Canadian government might want to make thing nice again by buying the Super Hornet from Boeing, or it might, equally, want to slap the other cheek by buying anything but.


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