Midterm Blues?

Following on from my earlier (today) comments, the Angus Reid Institute has published a new report which says that “Canadians are approaching the two-year anniversary of the 2015 election with a far less enthusiastic, even jaundiced eye on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government … [and] … While they tilt slightly towards approval of Trudeau’s first two years in office – they are also marginally more inclined to say the Liberal government’s failures have outweighed its accomplishments … [but] … The combination of perceived hits and misses on policy and direction from the Trudeau government is changing the dynamics of federal politics in this country … [thus] … Were an election held tomorrow – the Liberal Party would find itself in a dead heat with the Conservative Party – fighting to hold onto power.


Do polls really matter? Didn’t the late, great Conservative Prime Minister John Diefenbaker remind us that a) only one poll matters ~ election day, and b) polls are for dogs to pee on? Haven’t the polls been dreadfully wrong in recent years?

Polls do count because many Canadians will, after they see a few polls showing that their neighbours think that the Trudeau regime is less than perfect, begin to question their own views. We can be sure that both the CPC and the LPC have their own, carefully done polls … if they are anything like this then the Liberals will be busy crafting plans to turn things back in their favour.

What can (should? must?) the Liberals do?

  • quote-if-you-re-in-a-hole-stop-digging-denis-healey-69-55-07First, since they appear to be in a hole they should, as former UK (Labour) Chancellor of the Exchequer Dennis Healy used to quip, stop digging. That probably means that they should stop breaking promises and, actually, try to keep a few. It might also mean putting a leash on neophyte cabinet ministers ~ all in all, perhaps, being even more like Stephen Harper;
  • Justin-Trudeau-MercedesSecond, they need to reassure the middle class ~ whatever that is imagined to be ~ that they are not just a bunch of Bay Street billionaires and trust fund kids with $2.5 million cars that they inherited from daddy and that they actually might understand their problems;
  • Scheer-family-2Third they need to refurbish Prime Minister Trudeau’s somewhat bedraggled image … Jagmeet Singh is younger, undeniable attractive, even sexier and oh so very, very ethnic; and Andrew Scheer is the very image of the casual, friendly, hard working, honest, suburban family-man you would like to have as a neighbour.

Justin Trudeau decided, back in 2015, to run  government that was all hat and no cattle … that decision appears to be coming back, at midterm, to haunt him.

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