Campaign 2019: Phase 1

In an editorial, of sorts, Don Martin, on CTV News, said:”Governments get two years to repair the damage from regime change before the public tires of their chronically shirked responsibility … [thus] … The Blame Harper game is over … [therefore] … From now on if the government fails to act, Justin Trudeau should look in the mirror … [and] … that’s the last word.

That is, actually, good advice … not because it’s time to stop beating up on Prime Minister Harper but, rather, because there is a “new kid on the block” and he might be a serious threat to the Trudeau brand. That’s Jagmeet Singh, of course, and, a few days ago, I speculated that he might be a real game changer. He has many, many of the attributes that made Justin Trudeau so popular ~ style, charm, youth, and so on ~ while Prime Minister Trudeau is starting to a bit more like the popular image of Stephen Harper ~ secretive, manipulative and breaking promise after promise after promise.

I think that Theo Moudakis, drawing in the Toronto Star, has captured the initial Liberal response to Jagmeet Singh …


… but I don’t think that will last very long. I think the Liberals need to go after Mr Singh, big time, even as he needs to be out and about getting better and better known and avoiding mistakes and rash promises.

The real left has no place to go except the NDP; the big target for both Prime Minister Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are the young, generally left of centre, urban voters who can make as many as 100 seats change hands ~25± in Greater Vancouver and 50± in Greater Toronto, alone. Justin Trudeau showed us, to his credit, that he could inspire millions of young voters to come out and support him. Jagmeet Singh will be targeting exactly the same people. Liberals need to forget about Stephen Harper and not worry too much about Andrew Scheer, either; they need to focus, for the rest on 2017 and much of 2018, on making Justin Trudeau look a lot better than he does right now, because The Economist says he’s looking a little shop worn and tattered, after two years of broken promises and political missteps …


… and he also needs to look at least a little more attractive to votes than does than Jagmeet Singh. To do that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will, most likely, have to campaign even more left than they did in 2015, and that will make the so called Manley Liberals and, more importantly, a great many hard working, middle class suburbanites very nervous, indeed.

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