“Another great cycle of war”

There is a thought provoking article by American political theorist-commentator James Poulos in Foreign Affairs headlined: “America’s Liberal Logjam – The Tension Between Humanism and Identity.” It’s important to remember that he is an American and has fallen into the trap of thinking that liberal ≈ progressive and conservative ≈ reactionary, even racist. Those words, liberal andContinue reading ““Another great cycle of war””

Open letter to PM Trudeau

Originally posted on From the Trenches:
Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, I am writing to you about your government’s decision to drastically alter the ability of self employed physicians to use incorporation to save for their retirement. The ability to save for maternity leave/sick leave/disability, benefits to which most employees are entitled, will also be significantly…

Reaching out (3)

I a column in the Globe and Mail, commenting on the cabinet shuffle, John Ibbitson says that “The second problem* is, for Liberals, chronic. Mr. Trudeau hopes to hold and, if possible, expand his beachhead of four Alberta MPs. Instead, thanks to expulsions and shuffles, he risks losing that toehold … [and] … With the NDPContinue reading “Reaching out (3)”

A Conservative environmental choice

There is a provocative article in Foreign Affairs by “eco-pragmatist” Michael Shellenberger who was hailed as one of Time‘s “heroes of the environment” in 2008 which says that “Renewables Can’t Save the Planet—but Uranium Can.” He  begins by quoting renowned Czech-Canadian environmental scientist Vaclav Smil (a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba andContinue reading “A Conservative environmental choice”