Well done, PM Trudeau

There is a report on the CBC News website about the meeting, yesterday, between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Theresa May, which says, in part: “Canada’s free trade deal with the European Union will form the basis for a swift justin-trudeau-theresa-maytransition to a post-Brexit trading relationship between Canada and the U.K., Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his British counterpart Theresa May suggested Monday … [and] … The two leaders told reporters they agreed to a smooth transition of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union and Canada after the U.K. leaves the EU and is no longer a party to that agreement … [further, and as I recommended, here] … May said her government will be putting together a “working group” with Canada on a new trade deal, with CETA as the basis … [because] … “We believe it makes sense to take the trade agreements the U.K. is part of as part of the European Union with Canada and say that’s the basis, at the point we leave, for a bilateral relationship between the U.K. and Canada,” she said … [and] … May said the U.K. has already discussed this with the EU.

That’s good news for Canada and the world, actually.

slide1Next, those Canada~UK talks need to be expanded to include Australia and New Zealand (CANZUK), as Erin O’Toole, amongst others, has recommended, and, perhaps Singapore, too.

But, for the moment we should all thank Prime Minister Trudeau for pursuing good trade policy and we must hope that he will see it through.

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