Battle of Britain Sunday

21743770_10154715909701237_4723509360717366935_oToday is Battle of Britain Sunday, it marks the 77th anniversary of the battle in which Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill said we, the “many,” owed (and we still owe) “so much” to the ever dwindling “few.” It was, he reminded us “our finest hour” when Australia, Britain, Canada and a few others ~ some great, like India, some small like New Zealand ~ stood alone, facing a cruel, powerful and truly evil enemy. The “few” prevailed … we were joined, later, by other great and powerful allies but then, in the summer of 1940, we stood alone.


4 thoughts on “Battle of Britain Sunday

  1. Every once in a while I get static from my southern brothers about how they won the war and it depends where I am in the cycle of things about how I respond and I think it’s criminal that there is any doubt in Canadian’s mind that we are warriors of the air, if it wasn’t for us and(the commonwealth) holding back Hitler there wouldn’t have been an aerodrome of democracy for the yanks to fly off of. So world you want air and ground crew here’s Canada. Beurling 27 a/c in 14 days match that people.

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