A vital point

This, from the objectivist novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand, applies to all of us …


… to the left leaning progressives and the social-conservatives alike. You may believe what you will, you may, within reason, espouse what you will (but you may not shout “Fire!” in a crowded theatre, etc) but you may never, under any circumstances force your beliefs or your own, personal, political choices, no matter how sincere, on anyone else.

What appears, to many, to be happening on our university campuses is a case in point. Free inquiry is being suppressed in favour of not giving offence to anyone, ever, and, even worse, of a silly, juvenile notion of ‘equality of outcomes’ for all. The point of life in a university is to test ideas, not suppress some and, uncritically, promote others.

Andrew Scheer is right to promise to withhold funding from universities that suppress free intellectual inquiry.

One thought on “A vital point”

  1. How many people remember the world of the “Index Librorum Prohibitorum”? And can recall that it was only in 1966 that it was abolished?

    2017 – 1966 = 51 years of religious freedom.

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