Something for all of us to remember …

This, with thanks again to my friend The Regimental Rogue, is something that all of us, of whatever political stripe ~ Bloquiste, Conservative, Green or Liberal, of whatever status ~ leader or follower or retired observer, like me, of whatever occupation ~ tinker, tailor, high court judge or prime minister of a G7 nation, must remember and practice:


It is not sufficient, as so many, many so called conservatives do, to attack Prime Minister Trudeau, relentlessly and, especially, personally. We, real Conservatives, must stand FOR something ~ for honesty, for integrity, for fiscal probity, for reason, for principles, for values and, and, and … we must seize the “moral high ground” and hold it, even when we are under heavy, sustained attack. If we cannot or will not do that then we do not deserve to govern.

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