Bombardier (3) (The jet fighter fiasco)

So, let us, as the bridge players say, review the bidding: Back in 2015 Justin Trudeau solemnly promised that Canada would not buy the F-35. It seems to me that he will look terribly weak and even silly if he breaks that promise; At the same time (same link) he promised to “immediately launch an […]

More good news for Andrew Scheer

So it appears that the recent Forum Research poll which I described as being “Good news for Andrew Scheer,” was not an outlier. Now the Angus Reid Group reports that “a new analysis of quarterly polling data – fielded by MARU/Matchbox and donated to the Angus Reid Institute – finds evidence that Canadian public opinion […]

Hypocrisy (2)

Yesterday I said that Team Trudeau was manifestly hypocritical for planning to ask other UN members to step up and shoulder greater peacekeeping burdens while Canada continues to sit on the sidelines because the Trudeau regime is paralyzed by fear because it has come to understand that any UN peacekeeping mission is Africa is fraught […]

Bombardier (2) (The Empire Strikes Back)

So we now know what all of Team Trudeau schmoozing with top White House aides and the Prime Minister’s “softly-softly” approach towards President Trump have brought us … … the 220% punitive duty on Bombardier’s aircraft is not a decision of the US government’s independent and quasi-judicial International Trade Commission, which is not expected until […]


Murray Brewster, reporting on CBC News, says that “Canada intends to encourage countries at a November peacekeeping summit to follow its example and rise to a “new level” of ambition in the commitment of troops and equipment to the world’s trouble spots, federal documents show … [and, he goes on] … The intention is contained […]


Two articles related to Bombardier caught my eye: First, in the National Post, Andrew Coyne suggests that “it is increasingly clear the federal government, at least, views itself and Bombardier as being one and the same … [and] … This was perhaps most explicit in the prime minister’s announcement earlier this week that the government would […]

Good news for Andrew Scheer

Forum Research has a new poll which, I believe, is the first (maybe the second) since the summer of 2015 wherein any party other then the Liberals has been in the lead … Copyright ©Forum Research Inc. … as we approach the two year mark in the life of the Trudeau regime Forum Research says […]