2019(5) Khadr, Money, Muslims and the Ethnic Votes

A few weeks ago I suggested that ““Money and ethnic votes” came to define Jacques Parizeau … a $10.5 Million payoff and a formal apology to a terrorist should, equally, come to define Justin Trudeau.“ Andrew MacDougall, who was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s communications director, says, in an article in MacLean’s, that while “A clearContinue reading “2019(5) Khadr, Money, Muslims and the Ethnic Votes”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Is Iran the next North Korea?

There is a thought provoking article in Foreign Affairs by Philip Gordon and Amos Yadlin, two seasoned observers, with, one suspects, considerable “insider” knowledge, that asks the troubling question: “Will Iran Become the Next North Korea?“ Dr Gordon and Major General (retired) Yadlin begin their essay by reciting the litany of American strategic failures goingContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Is Iran the next North Korea?”

“Living in the cloud:” one thought on one way of producing and educating naval and military officers

A few years ago the Breakout Educational Network produced a video called “No country for young men,” which, when tied to a comment that a friend, a seasoned combat leader, made on one of my recent posts, has caused me to add to my previous thoughts on the production of officers. “I agree,” my friendContinue reading ““Living in the cloud:” one thought on one way of producing and educating naval and military officers”

2019 (4): Values, again

There is a very insightful opinion piece in the Globe and Mail by Catherine Little who is described as “a Toronto-based educator, consultant and writer,” and is, apparently, of Asian (Chinese?) origin. In it Ms Little describes how she learned that being a good Canadian is about leaving many “old country” customs behind and choosingContinue reading “2019 (4): Values, again”

Draining the swamp

I was not going to comment on the latest in the ongoing Trump-White House-Washington fiasco, but I saw a very useful article by Liberal insider and former Jean Chrétien communications director Peter Donolo in the Globe and Mail. I really hope General* (retired) John F Kelly, President Trump’s new Chief of Staff reads it. MrContinue reading “Draining the swamp”

2019 (3) Energy, the Environment and First Nations … all intertwined, some difficult

There is a useful editorial in the Calgary Herald (signed by columnist Licia Corbella) that I want to use as a “hook” to discuss three policy areas that will, I suspect, be difficult for Conservatives: Energy, the Environment and First Nations. “News that Petronas has cancelled its plan to build a $36-billion liquefied natural gas developmentContinue reading “2019 (3) Energy, the Environment and First Nations … all intertwined, some difficult”

Developing senior naval and military officers

Suppose, just suppose, that we get the “foundation” of our military ~ the junior leadership ~ right and that we have an officer corps that is both well trained and well educated and that has the right shared, unified, common social and military values, derived, in some part, by all having passed through a common,Continue reading “Developing senior naval and military officers”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Germany after the Brexit

There is an insightful article by William Cook in The Spectator headlined “How Brexit will change Germany.” Mr Cook begins by reminding us of “the summer of 1990, the editor of The Spectator, Dominic Lawson, went to interview Nicholas Ridley, Margaret Thatcher’s Secretary of State for Industry, and asked him about the drive towards European MonetaryContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Germany after the Brexit”