More intellectual property problems

A few weeks ago I commented on a report about there being an intellectual property fly in the Canadian warship building programme’s ointment. I suggested that Canadians need to know that their government has a firm grip on this project, but now, Murray Brewster, the author if the original report, says, writing in CNC News,Continue reading “More intellectual property problems”

Another Korean War?

There are two useful articles in the National Post: First, Matthew Fisher, who has thought and written a lot about war and military matters ~ and a lot of he’s written makes sense ~ explains how we might go about “Imagining the unthinkable — what would happen if the U.S. attacked North Korea;” but Second,Continue reading “Another Korean War?”

Dr Seuss got it right

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Theodor Seuss Geisel, an American born, Oxford educated son of German immigrants, who adopted the pen-name Dr Seuss in the 1920s, was drawing political cartoons for many publicatIons including Vanity Fair and Life magazine. In 1941, before America finally joined the war, he drew this … … and itContinue reading “Dr Seuss got it right”

THE essential

Back, about 18 months ago, I suggested that a good military needed six attributes. I still hold to those views, even more with the basics as I worry, more and more, about problems in, especially organization and in leadership and management. I am not a great fan of the late Field Marshal Montgomery; he was,Continue reading “THE essential”

Canadian policy on ballistic missile defence in the Trudeau era

I think Ygreck, drawing the Le Journal de Montréal, has pretty much “got” Canada’s policy on ballistic missile defence in the Kim Jong-un era: For reasons I have explained before, Canadian politicians of all stripes are afraid of ballistic missile defence … the Russian lies, in the Reagan era, were all too effective. But circumstancesContinue reading “Canadian policy on ballistic missile defence in the Trudeau era”

A reminder

Thanks to my friend The Regimental Rogue, again, for this gem … … which is something that I hope Treasury Board President Scott Brison and Finance Minister Bill Morneau will bear in mind when as they try to fund Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reckless and irresponsible spending on sundry feminist and green initiatives by furtherContinue reading “A reminder”

Second thoughts from the anti-Harper wing

It is no secret that the now oh so pretentiously named Global Affairs Department was less than satisfied with Prime Minister Stephen Harper; in fact who can forget the wholly unprofessional display of partisan glee when, in early November 2015, the newly elected prime minister was swarmed by cheering civil servants when he visited theContinue reading “Second thoughts from the anti-Harper wing”

The King and I

It’s been a long time since Canada had a king; I recall when King George VI died, it was 1952, in February actually, and I was in the 4th grade … we had, if memory serves, a school assembly ~ a major event in those days in a small, rural school ~ and the principal,Continue reading “The King and I”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Henry Kissinger reprises Margaret Thatcher

When I started these “Everyman’s” surveys it was because, as I said, the government’s “strategic survey’s are very highly classified and we, ordinary albeit concerned Canadians (concerned about our role and responsibilities in the world), will never see them … [but] … there is a lot of open source material which can, probably, give us aContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Henry Kissinger reprises Margaret Thatcher”