Is this the best that could happen?

There is a provocative (hopeful?) article in The Independent headlined: "Art of the Deal co-author predicts Donald Trump is about to resign." The article says that "The co-author of Donald Trump’s memoir The Art of the Deal has predicted the US President is going to resign by autumn if not sooner ... [and] ... Tony Schwartz, who claims to … Continue reading Is this the best that could happen?

Free trade, again

There is a very useful article in The Times, by Matt Ridely, which is headlined:  [The] "Best hope for free trade is to have principles." These notions, free (at least freer) trade and principles, are two subjects with which I have dealt again and again, but I offer no apologies for mixing the two and … Continue reading Free trade, again

Building warships, think locally act globally

Building warships, as this article from the United Kingdom Defence Journal makes clear, is an international business ... Canadians are involved in supplying "key elements of the engine and propulsion system in the new UK Royal Navy" Type 26 frigates. We know, for example, that part of the Asterix, Chantier Davie's project to convert a … Continue reading Building warships, think locally act globally

Is Bannon preparing for 2020?

There is an interesting article in The Daily Wire about Steve Bannon "preparing for the possibility of war with Trump." "Bannon," says author Ben Shapiro, "is deeply vengeful, and supremely ambitious. He has already held the most powerful job he will ever have — unless, of course, his new job is to destroy Trump from … Continue reading Is Bannon preparing for 2020?

No to the “union Navy” notion, but …

A few days ago I wrote about a proposal, by James C Bennett that "security concerns could drive the commonwealth nations toward a unified defense command" ... in effect a combined naval command which he dubbed the "Union Navy." One of my well informed friends, who uses the online nom de plume of Infanteer said that he … Continue reading No to the “union Navy” notion, but …