Speaking of “losers” …

Earlier today I suggested that the people who are reported to be trying to “reclaim” the CPC in the name of protecting it from the ‘alt-right’ are “sore losers” or “unwitting dupes” of the Liberals who, we can be 100% certain, will try to tar Conservatives with yGKt90o2eIsthe ‘alt-right,’ racist, bigoted, anti-immigrant and even neo-Nazi brush. Sadly, a very few people who are all of those things do support us … principally because we are perceived to be least far away from their views. The pro-Trump fringe is not small, it includes, here in Canada, people who see the same sorts of issues that I also described a couple of days ago when I used the analog of Bill Joel’s song “Allentown” to describe the collapse of detroit-webthe low-skill but well paid blue collar industrial base in what is now America’s rust belt. The same thing, less dramatically, happened in Canada and, despite our comprehensive social safety net, we have the same problems: we were able to provide welfare but we were, apparently, unable to provide real relief … we wouldn’t or couldn’t or didn’t try to retrain people or to re-examine the fundamental roles and natures of education versus training in our school systems.

I shouldn’t need to, but I will be clear about a few things:

  • Neo-Nazis are pathetic losers … pretty much the lowest of the human low. They have no imagescase, no values, no redeeming features, no excuses …. they are the best reason to bring Singapore style corporeal punishment to Canada. We have beaten the real Nazis before, at an enormous human cost ~ which included my father. We can and we must and we will beat the grandchildren of that great evil now;
  • Neo-Nazis are not the only pathetic losers ~ so are all those who march under the banners of (or simply excuse) Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist-Castroite communism … an ideology that is at least as bad as national-socialism and killed many, many millions more. Communism (all of socialism, indeed) is the ideology of the weak and foolish;
  • In my opinion the main difference between the ‘antifa‘ and the ‘alt-right‘ is that the children (mostly) in the antifa movement are, simply, stupid ~ and that’s my fault, and the fault of their grandparents and parents who allowed a school system to emerge that RichardSpencer-Conference-B&Wsaid that every child is a ‘special snowflake’ and so on; that’s rubbish,  while the modern, well educated, media savvy leaders of the alt-right (who even have their own, fake ‘think tanks’) are evil men (and women) who have convinced equally weak minded children that there is something, anything worthwhile in what Mussolini, Hitler, Dollfuß, Franco, Pavelić, Salazar and Pétain and so on and so forth propagated. We, my generation and the one that followed, allowed the ‘loony left’ to take over our most vital institution, the public schools, and replace what Prime Minister Louis St Laurent described as our heritage of “the conceptions of good and evil which emerged from Hebrew and Greek civilization and which have been transformed and the-liberal-stance-liberalism-a-disease-politics-1331968299transmitted through the Christian traditions of the Western World. These are values which lay emphasis on the importance of the individual, on the place of moral principles in the conduct of human relations, on standards of judgment which transcend mere material well-being,” with a doctrine of “moral equivalency.” We buried our heads in the sand. But we cannot really blame the children who now spout antifa rubbish because our universities are full of professors who believe that Karl Marx was on to something. He wasn’t. Marx lived in England at an exciting time, a time of great social upheaval; he saw Blake’s “dark satanic mills” but he totally missed the enormous social changes that were underway to fix them, and, therefore, being a shallow, narrow-minded old man, he drew exactly the wrong conclusions. But, oh, what seductive conclusion they are ~ how can we not like the Edward_Hicks_-_Peaceable_Kingdomnotion of “from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs?” It’s lions lying down with lambs and all that … but it is also nonsense and it cannot, ever, work because the very base of Marxism requires the perfectibility of mankind, and that’s  not about to happen. But people love to dream. Marx was wrong, but not evil; Hitler was evil; there’s a HUGE difference;
  • Notwithstanding the differences between the alt-right and the antifa movements, both are wrong and dangerous but while one, the alt-right, is, very correctly, vilified by most of us, the antifa fringe, is, too often, given a ‘free pass’ when it resorts to violence in the name of being “anti-fascist.”

All that being stipulated I will still argue that the (simply stupidantifa children are redeemable, through education, the alt-right movement needs to be eradicated, at least in so far as real Conservatives are concerned.

outrage1Make no mistake: Team Trudeau is going to bash the CPC with the alt-right club and some of that is going to be hard to shake off. Too many so called conservatives have given the progressive left too much with which to work. We should be able to see and identify the ‘enemy’ in our midst because he is, too often, us. The enemy is not out marching and carrying Nazi flags or screaming obscenities at his (or her) neighbours; (s)he is just looking for way to excuse those who do because his/her visceral hatred for ezra-levant_0Justin Trudeau (and the rapidly changing world that he personifies) has allowed them to slip away from their (previously) firm moral base and look for a conservative sort of moral equivalency … there isn’t one: something is either good, proper and moral or it is not. the alt-right is not.

We, Conservatives, need to be ~ and we need to be seen to be, by our neighbours in city centres, small towns, suburbs, and rural villages, as ~  people of principle.

A first principle might be that we never, ever deny dbimage-1the sacrifice of the hundred thousand plus Canadians who died defending the old Anglo-Saxon, liberal-democratic ideal of human dignity and fundamental rights for all. Every time one of my friends ~ even good, old, tried and true friends ~ reacts to the antifa movement by looking for ways to make them equivalent to the alt-right (s)he spits on my father’s grave. There is no moral equivalency between simple stupidity and real, monstrous evil.

Single-MotherA second principle might be to recognize and affirm that all of us, woman and men, black and white, married or single, young and old, straight or gay, visible all-american-muslim-zaban-01minority immigrant and lily white old stock, are equal and have absolutely equal rights at and under the law, d17ad579a803d2e87c2e1ffef5524394and that while all rights, even life and liberty, can be somewhat constrained “in a free and democratic society,” we, Conservatives are all  about protecting the fundamental rights of every single individual.

Anyone who cannot adhere to those two simple principles ought not to be, in my opinion, welcome in the Conservative Party of Canada … or, if they are, then maybe its’ not my party any longer.



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