Dr Seuss got it right

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Theodor Seuss Geisel, an American born, Oxford educated son of German immigrants, who adopted the pen-name Dr Seuss in the 1920s, was drawing political cartoons for many publicatIons including Vanity Fair and Life magazine.

In 1941, before America finally joined the war, he drew this …


… and it still fits today. How can any sane “America Firster” not want to stamp out neo-Nazis and racial supremacists in all their forms? I am all in favour of (very nearly) unlimited free speech; I don’t like so called “hate speech” laws or the “human rights” industry that has grown up and attempts to do social engineering in the name of not offending anyone at all. The best way to counter lies is with the truth; the best place to teach the simple, unvarnished truth ~ truth that may, of necessity, trigger strong emotions in some people ~ is in our public schools and universities.

It is true that there is too much violence and extreme language and lies all both the hard left and the hard right; but there is a big difference: most of the extreme social justice warriors are, very simply, mentally weak or downright stupid; the neo-Nazis are evil. We don’t need or even want to silence them … people of good minds and good hearts want to correct their silly or evil ideas.

One thought on “Dr Seuss got it right”

  1. Well put! In fact, if I remember correctly, didn’t Canada join the fight against some group called Nazis in Europe? I guess those were DIFFERENT Nazis…

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